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IL-76 (NATO code: Candid - "straight, sincere") - Russian and Soviet military transport heavy aircraft, which was developed by the Ilyushin design bureau. Serially manufactured in Uzbekistan, at the Tashkent Aviation Production Association named after. V.P. Chkalov.

IL-76 is intended for airborne personnel and transportation, cargo and equipment for various purposes. It is the first military transport aircraft with turbojet engines in the history of the Soviet Union. The aircraft is capable of delivering cargo with the largest mass of 28-60 tons at a distance of 3600-4200 km with a cruising speed of 770-800 km / h (the largest weight of the transported cargo and the flight range are related to the modification).


IL-76 photo

IL-76 photo

All cabins IL-76 sealed, allowing transport 167 (245 in the two-deck version) soldiers and provide emission 126 people paratroopers. The aircraft is capable of transporting the range of military equipment amphibious aircraft units and most of the equipment.

The dimensions of the cargo compartment are 24,5 m long (of which 4,5 falls on the ramp), 3,45 m wide and 3,4 m high.The aircraft can take on board up to 90000 liters of fuel and cover a distance of up to 6700 km from with an average fuel consumption of 9 t / h.


IL-76 Photo Salon

IL-76 Photo Salon


It is intended for operation on unpaved and concreted airfields with strength properties not less than 0,6 MPa. The takeoff run length is 1500-2000 m, and when landing the run is 930-1000 m.

The aircraft is designed according to the traditional for heavy transport aircraft according to the scheme of a single-fuselage high-wing aircraft, which has a swept wing and a single-fin T-shaped tail. The wing of the aircraft is trapezoidal with a fracture along the trailing edge. On the line of the fourth chord, the sweep of the wing is 25 degrees. Each wing has powerful mechanization and a five-section slat and two three-slotted flaps. There is also a two-piece aileron and four brake flaps. The horizontal tail is located on the top of the T-shaped keel. The keel has a rudder with servo compensator and trim tab. The stabilizer is adjustable, with a flat trimmer and elevator.


IL-76 1 Photo Salon

IL-76 Photo Salon


The fuselage, round in cross-section, is divided into sealed cabins: the cockpit (at the top of the fuselage nose), under the cockpit, the navigator's cabin, the gunner's cabin of the aft cannon unit with a pair of GSh-23L cannons and the cargo cabin (the navigator's and pilot's cabins are not hermetically separated, the aft cabin is cannon installation is only on military versions of the aircraft). There are two hatches in front of the fuselage. In the stern there is a three-leaf cargo rear hatch. The landing of personnel can be carried out in four streams (two through the cargo hatch), but in practice this method is practically not used due to the frequent convergence of the airborne. The cargo compartment has two cargo winches, which are installed at the front bulkhead, four electric hoists (carrying capacity 2,5 t each) and four sub-lifts, the width of which varies. For the convenience of unloading and loading, the rear hoists can be extended beyond the threshold of the ramp by 5 m. The floor of the cargo compartment is equipped with roller conveyor tracks, which allows loading, unloading and landing of non-self-propelled mono-cargoes.



IL-76 photo booth

IL-76 photo booth


The power plant consists of four turbojet engines suspended under the wing on pylons. The first serial versions were equipped with D-30KP engines, thrust 12000 kgf. These engines give the aircraft the ability to fly in the range of speeds of 260-850 km / h, which provides, on the one hand, comfortable conditions for airborne landing, and on the other, high speed at the echelon. In the latest versions of the aircraft, the D-30KP engines were replaced by PS-90A-76, thrust 14500 (3300) kgf in cruise (takeoff) mode.

IL-76 video

APU TA 6A located in front of the left landing gear fairing. Designed to provide power plane ≈208 B and B ~ 115, = 27 in the parking lot and to start the main engines with compressed air.

The history of the airplane

In late June, the MAP 1966 Soviet Ilyushin Design Bureau has given the task of creating a military transport machines Il-76. In February, the designer of 67 S. Ilyushin approved the technical proposal for designing the Il-76. In November of the same year the Council of Ministers adopted a decree on the early construction of the military transporter.


The main designer of the aircraft was appointed G. Novozhilova. Above the draft design work DA Leschiner. In May 69 was held mock-up committee. After approval of the layout began to build a prototype. At the meeting, management decided to start working in Moscow at the "Arrow". March 25 1971 year pilot E. Kuznetsov aircraft lifted into the air. And in May, at an air show in Le Bourget for the first time demonstrated the aircraft company. State tests conducted in the garrison Krechevitsy. That this was the first garrison, where he was accepted into service.

The first production model took off 5 May 73 years from the runway in the territory of the Tashkent aircraft plant. It also began to produce the first modification of the IL-76. Total mass production of the aircraft was built over 1000 100 about copies and exported to other countries. At the end of 80-ies it started construction of a new modification - IL-76MF / TF. And in August 95 year was made the first flight. As a result of this modification, the aircraft became more economical (in 15%) and increased the maximum range (in 20%). The first production of IL-76MF collected in March 2012 years.


Transporter responsible for the protection of the mobile gun system with two guns GS-23. With space shooter manages fire. The aircraft is equipped with two kinds of targeting: optical sighting station and radar sight "Krypton". For passive jamming meet four machine APP-50R ammunition LTC and to the total number of pieces 384.


The aircraft is unique in that it is possible to set different bomb. This is due to the transport structure. It contains 4 LPP-buil - balloon holders. The process of bombing completely installed system due Auto NKBP-7 and "Dome".

Existing and emerging aircraft modification

  1. IL-76 - the first production model.

  2. IL-76M - increased load capacity, strengthened fuselage.

  3. IL-76MGA - modification for civilian traffic.

  4. IL-76T - a civilian freighter.

  5. IL-76MD - modification with increased payload and range.

  6. IL-76TD - the long-range transport aircraft. Increased performance payload and range.

  7. A-50 - designed for long-range radar detection and control.

  8. A-60 - from the modified IL-76MD. Designed for a flying laboratory work, having tried as a carrier of laser weapons.

  9. IL-76KT - built for training activities for astronauts in weightlessness.

  10. IL-78 - tanker aircraft.

  11. IL-76MD "Scalpel" - a special development for the air hospital. I had aboard 3 medmodulya.

  12. IL-76PS - search and rescue aircraft.

  13. IL-76TD "Antarctica" - modification of IL-76TD for flights to Antarctica and the Arctic.

  14. IL-78M - modified.

  15. IL-76PP - used as a jammer.

  16. IL-76MDK "Cosmos" - reinforced the aircraft for deeper training astronauts.

  17. IL-78MK - convertible aircraft. Able to simultaneously serve as refueling and landing troops.

  18. IL-76P - designed to extinguish fires.

  19. IL-76LL - letlaboratoriya new engines.

  20. IL-76MD - fire option.

  21. IL-76SK - modified by the CPSU.

  22. IL-76MF - modified IL-76MD.

  23. IL-78MK-90 - engines modified for economy class PS-90A-76.

  24. IL-76TF - modified IL-76MF.

  25. IL-76MDM - Far modernized aircraft.

  26. IL-76MD-90 - modification of apparatus IL-76MD.

  27. IL-76TD-90VD - civil aircraft type. Modernised with IL-76TD.

  28. IL-76TD-90SW - civil version for Azerbaijani airlines.

  29. IL-76 «Baghdad» -1 - aviamashina Iraqi Air Force AWACS.

  30. IL-76 «Adnan» -2 - modified under the radar locator Tiger.

  31. KJ-2000 - AWACS aircraft from China.

IL-76 engines

The characteristics of the IL-76:

  • Length: 46,6m

  • Wingspan: 50,5m

  • Wing area: 300kv.m.

  • The highest take-off weight: 210t

  • Empty weight: 88500kg

  • Capacity: up to 60t

  • The volume of fuel: 109000l

  • Speed ​​at echelon: 780-850 km / h

  • Distance flight:

  • with a load of 60 t: 4000 km

  • with cargo 48t: 5500km

  • with cargo 40t: 6500km

  • Crew: 5 people.

  • The number of Marines on board: 126

  • Length of cargo cabin: 24,54m

  • Width of cargo cabin: 3,45m

  • The height of the cargo compartment: 3,4m

  • The volume of cargo cabin: 321kv.m.

  • Resource aircraft: 30000 hours / 10000 landings / 30 years


IL-76. Gallery.

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IL-76. Video.




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