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IL-96 is the first Soviet passenger airliner for long-haul flights having a wide fuselage. The Il-96 aircraft was developed by the Ilyushin design bureau at the end of the eighties of the last century on the basis of the previous machine - IL-86. The new aircraft was different wings that have a large area and the installation of new engines PS-turboventelyatornyh 90A. On the plane there are four such motors, each thrust of 16000 kg.


The reason for the creation of new passenger aircraft is the constant development of our society and an increase in those who wish to use the services of airlines. That is why the new long-haul passenger aircraft Il-96 was created. The main feature of this model is that it has a wide fuselage, which allows you to accommodate even more passengers and provide them with comfortable flight conditions. With the use of large aircraft, the airline can carry more passengers at a time, and this reduces the price of this service. All these factors forced the leadership of the USSR to think about the creation of a new machine, which became Il-96. It was designed on the basis of the already existing aircraft IL-86.

Where applicable passenger aircraft IL-96

IL-96 is a long-haul aircraft, which carries passengers. This aircraft model is able to carry out flights over long distances without landing. The main objective of this model was replaced by single-aisle aircraft, which were used on flights both within the country and abroad. Before the creation of the new machine IL-96 all carriage of passengers carried little old IL-62 and IL-86. The need for a new wide-bodied car has grown every year since started active growth of the number of passengers who wish to use the services of airlines. Also, the planes that had a fuselage could provide a more comfortable flight conditions for clients.

History of the IL-96 and its modifications

By developing a new model of aircraft designers began to 1978 year. The basis of the new development was put existing domestic dalnomagistralny IL-86D. The designers have used as a basis for the IL-86 83-right up to the year, began to appear until advanced technology that made the creators to revise the draft and to use more advanced materials and technologies. The designers were faced with the fact that the assemblies and parts they have developed is far from being relevant, and the world aircraft industry has leaped forward.

IL-96 Aeroflot

It is for these reasons, the designers had to retreat from their plans, and to develop a fundamentally new machine, which has been the basis for all subsequent versions of the new machine IL-96. For the first time a new IL-96 took off in October 88 years, and in 89, was presented in Paris at the World Airshow. During the test, IL spent a lot of testing, the main of them are flying at a distance. On the basis of a new machine has been created a lot of new modifications, which were more specialized.

Modification of IL-96-400 has been improved compared to the base model as the engine power was increased in it, as well as the number of seats for passengers. It was created and freight model Elah, which is actively used in our time. Even more progressive model was the Il-96M, which was developed jointly with US airlines. But this model today exists in a single copy and is only used for its presentation at the air show in the world. As for the standard model of IL-96, it entered into mass production only 1993 years.

Description passenger aircraft IL-96

The aircraft is built monoplane scheme, which has a low-wing, as well as classic tail of the fuselage. The main purpose of this unit is 300 carriage of passengers, their luggage and other goods, which make up 40 tons. Range transport of passengers is between 4 9 to thousands of kilometers, depending on the modification of the aircraft. Designers have been provided for the maximum flight distance in 11 thousand kilometers, so may change the number of seats for passengers in the cabin.

The fuselage of the aircraft IL-96 has the same diameter as the previous model, but the length of the new smaller Silt on 5 meters than the old IL-86. The designers together with experts in aerodynamics conducted fruitful work on the development of effective new wing of the aircraft. Has also increased the area of ​​the tail feather in the event of failure of one engine, this innovation has helped to keep the plane in flight.

IL-96 2 Aeroflot

The chassis of the aircraft includes three main pillars, which are located behind and take into account the center of mass. Also included in the system chassis front support. Each back support consists of four wheels are equipped with brake efficiency. The front support has two wheels and has brake system. All-wheel drive, which includes in IL-96 chassis are the same size and pressure.

Separation from the earth provide four engine model FS-90A. Danae model of turbofan engines is quite efficient and economical. Speaking about the fuel system, it should be noted that it is automatic, but you can run it manually if necessary. Fuel in the system comes from the 9 tanks. Eight tanks located in the wings, and a clearance plane.

Due to the fact that IL-96 is a double-decker boat, it can be used in two main versions: a mixed and tourism. The first and main option is the tourist. Its special feature is that the passenger seats are placed in rows of 3 9 places. When using this method of placement in the front cabin can accommodate 66 people, and in the rear cabin - 234. In the mixed version of the aircraft is divided into three classes and can accommodate passengers 235.

IL-96 in commercial operation

In commercial operation this machine came only in the summer of 93, the first flight was from Russia to the USA. At the first stages of use, this unit conducted international flights around the globe, and then began to service and fly within our country. In domestic transport, he linked the cities of Russia at both distant and short distances. In 2005-2006 years, the Elians began to be exported for the cordon, namely three cars were sold to Cuba, one of them being a presidential class. Nowadays, domestic airlines widely use IL-96 to transport their passengers. Also, some companies have truck models in their hangars.

IL-96 34 Aeroflot

Elah most widely used in our country, two airlines - is "Aeroflot", as well as Cubana. IL-96 has a great advantage at long range, because it is more spacious and comfortable for passengers than its narrow-bodied counterparts. Passengers themselves say about the advantages of this model over the others.

Unfortunately, this airplane could not reach very high in popularity due to its high price and large enough fuel, it is also influenced by other economic factors. At the beginning of the year 2009 aircraft designers have raised the issue of withdrawal of IL-96 from the production. This problem occurs mainly due to the high competition of foreign models of passenger aircraft.

Interesting data on passenger aircraft IL-96

  • This was the first passenger jet aircraft with a wide-body, which was manufactured in the former Soviet Union.

  • He is one of the safest passenger airplanes around the globe, as there were no accidents in which people were injured.

  • Two modifications of this aircraft were built under the name of IL-96-300PU. It is a point of command of troops in the event of a nuclear strike. Also in this model the range of flight is increased.

  • Many Ilam give names. As a rule, they are named after famous pilots or astronauts.

  • This boat is characterized by its reliability, as for all year use of these aircraft for the flight ban was only one of them, namely the presidential plane and that due to a failure in the chassis.

  • IL-96 is the first device of all the vast family of Ihlow, which are able to manage just three people. This is made possible by installing the latest in aircraft avionics.

Despite the fact that today the creation of IL-96 brand passenger aircraft virtually suspended, the airliner continues to serve faithfully the people in our country and abroad.

IL 96-Photo

The first IL-96 test prototype took to the air on September 28 of the year 1988. After passing 1200 flight test hours, in December 1992, the IL-96 received a certificate of airworthiness. The tests of the aircraft were carried out in different meteorological conditions, with a temperature range from -50 to + 40, and in different climatic zones. The aircraft uses an electrical remote control system (EDSU). There is also a backup mechanical control system. Information about the states of the aircraft systems and flight indications are displayed on six color displays. In series production, the Il-96-300 is from 1993 of the year. Production of serial IL-96-300 is conducted by the Voronezh Aircraft Manufacturing Company (VASO).

IL-96 Photo salon

IL 96 Salon

In 1993, the IL-96 was modified and received the designation IL-96M. This modification has an elongated body, and American aircraft PW-2337 manufactured by Partt & Whitney are installed on the aircraft. This aircraft is able to fly over a distance of over twelve thousand kilometers, and accommodate up to 435 passenger seats.

Best places of the aircraft IL 96-300 salon - Aeroflot

IL 96-300 interior scheme

In 2000, the IL-96 was again improved. In the new modernization was used by the fuselage Il96-M. This model received the designation Il96-400. On this modification, the PS-90А-1 turbojet engines are installed. Each has a thrust greater than 17000 kgf. The aircraft avionics has also undergone changes. Flight range and Il96-400 is thirteen thousand kilometers. And on the basis of this model already developed a cargo version of the aircraft - Il96-400T. To date, the Il96-300 models and the cargo version Il96-400T are in operation. The passenger version of the Il96-400 is not in use, as there were no orders from air carriers for this version.

Features IL-96-300:

  • Empty weight: 117000 kg

  • Length: 55,35 m.

  • Height: 17,55 m.

  • Wingspan: 57,66 m.

  • Wing area: 391,6 sq.m.

  • Cruising speed: 850 km / h.

  • Maximum speed: 910 km / h

  • Range: 9000 km.

  • Ceiling: 11500 m.

  • Length of takeoff: 2600 m.

  • path length: 1980 m.

  • Number of seats: 230-300 places.

  • Crew: 3 person

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