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Indela-6M a drone aircraft type with an average radius of action, which is part of a multifunctional complex to observe from a distance. Developer - CB «Indela», the first flight of the UAV made in 2008 year.

Control over the drone carried out by the NSO, which includes all necessary for flight control components and equipment. NSO quite mobile. To transport the set in KUNG (special transport container).

The main purpose of Indela-6M is remote monitoring and transmission of video information on the NSO in real time. In addition, there are other ways to use this type of UAV:

  1. In cases of emergency, the UAV can monitor the locations of fires, technological accidents, floods, riots and terrorist threats.

  2. Implementation of prospecting.

  3. Conduct aerial survey areas.

  4. Inspection of pipelines and power lines, detecting damage and defects.

  5. Perform aerial reconnaissance.

  6. Implementation of protective measures for closure and large areas.

  7. Tracking of moving targets.

Features of the complex: the availability of emergency parachutes; off carried out with the band, and landing - on the chassis; Navigation System - GPS / GLONASS; Two types of flight control - and automatic duplicate; type of engine - two-cylinder two-stroke internal combustion boxer; payload - the composition of the sensors installed on gyrostabilized platform; in the range of sensors includes a color camera, thermal imager, laser rangefinder.

On request, the design of UAVs can increase the number of flight and navigation equipment, and to expand the scope of the complex.

Payload for Indela-6M is 35 kg. UAV can reach a maximum speed of up to 140 km / h, being in the air no more than 7 hours. Service ceiling - 4 km, and the range of not more than 50 km.

Indela-6M. Characteristics:

Modification Indela-6M
Wingspan, m 6.01
Length m 2.69
Height, m  
Width, m  
Weight, kg  
maximum take-off 35
Fuel l 7
engine's type 1 AP
power, kWt X 1 4
Maximum speed km / h 140
Cruising speed, km / h 80
Radius of action, km  
in contact with the NSO 50
stand-alone 440
Flight duration, h 7
Static ceiling, m 4000


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