Indonesian Aerospace NC-212
Indonesian Aerospace NC-212

Indonesian Aerospace NC-212. Characteristics. Photo and video.

NC-212 is a transport aircraft developed by the Spanish company EADS CASA.

Produced under license in Indonesia by Indonesian Aerospace.

Aerodynamic configuration of the aircraft is a twin-engine turboprop vysokoplan odnokilevym tail feathers and tricycle fixed landing gear.

The aircraft is equipped with a stern ramp. She can in flight open for parachute landing.


Series 100 (Series 100)

C212A - originally developed as a military version. It was also designated C212-5 series 100M, C212-5, and in the Spanish Air Force - D-3A and T-12B.

C212B - reequipped C-212A for conducting photo reconnaissance.

C212C - the initial civilian version.

C212D — converted the C-212A into training aircraft for navigator training.

NC212-100 - production started in Indonesia.

Indonesian Aerospace NC-212 Salon

Indonesian Aerospace NC-212 Salon

Series 200 (Series 200)

From 1979, the production is equipped with Honeywell TPE33110R511C or TPE33110R512C engines with horsepower 900.

С212 series 200M - combat option. Also designated T-12D in the Spanish Air Force and Tp-89 in the Swedish Air Force. Part of the aircraft converted into a marine patrol and anti-submarine versions.

NC212-200 - made in Indonesia.

Series 300 (Series 300)

From 1987 year production. Equipped with Honeywell TPE33110R513C engines with horsepower 900.

C212M series 300M - military version.

C212 series 300 airliner - passenger 26-seat aircraft.

C212 series 300 utility - a multi-purpose 23-seat aircraft.

The C212 series 300P is a civilian version with Pratt & Whitney PT6A65 motors with horsepower 1220.

Indonesian Aerospace NC-212 photo

Indonesian Aerospace NC-212 photo

Series 400 (Series 400)

From 1997 year production. Equipped with Honeywell TPE33112JR701C engines with horsepower 925. Also referred to as C-41 in the US Air Force.

Operators: Angola, Australia, Bolivia, Argentina, Botswana, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ghana, Venezuela, Djibouti, Guinea, Zimbabwe, Dominican Republic, Jordan, Indonesia, Kiribati, Spain, Lesotho, Colombia, Mexico, Malta, Nicaragua, Myanmar, Panama , UAE, Portugal, Paraguay, Senegal, Puerto Rico, Suriname, Sudan, Thailand, USA, France, Uruguay, Chile, Chad, Ecuador, Sweden, South Africa, Equatorial Guinea, Vietnam.

Features Indonesian Aerospace NC-212:

Length: 16,15m.

Wingspan: 20,27.

Maximum speed: 360km / h.

Number of seats: 25mest.

Crew: 2cheloveka.

Maximum takeoff weight: 8100kg.

Cab length: 6.55.

Cab width: 2.10m.

Capacity - 3000kg.

Indonesian Aerospace CN-235

Casa CN235 - turbo-screw light transport aircraft.

Designed by a consortium of Airtech, which is headed by the Spanish company CASA and the Indonesian company Industri Pesawat Terbang Nusantara. For the first time, the prototype of the aircraft Ethel in May 1981. Production in the Casa CN235 series began in May 1988. There are a number of variations.

The largest customer - Turkey, which has generally 61 plane.

Also purchased by the following countries like the USA, Spain, Colombia, Chile, Panama, Ecuador, Indonesia, France.

Features of Indonesian Aerospace CN-235:

Length: 21,353m.

Height: 8,177m.

Wingspan: 25,81m.

Wing area: 59,10kv.m.

Flight range: 5055km.

Cruising speed: 454km / h.

Ceiling: 8110m.

Number of seats: 48mest.

Load capacity: 6000kg.

Crew: 2-3cheloveka.

Weight of empty aircraft: 8800kg.

Maximum takeoff weight: 16500kg.

Domestic fuel: 4230kg.

Engine: 2 × TVD GeneralElectric CT79C.

Power: 2 × 1394,5kW.

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