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From the combination of the technical parameters of the Russian system TEST-9110-VXI outperformed their foreign counterparts
"Informtest" supply system to test the cable network of the aircraft SSJ-100

"Informtest" supply system to test

cable network of the aircraft SSJ-100


Holding "Informtest" won the tender for the design, manufacture and implementation in the production process of Komsomolsk-on-Amur branch of JSC "Sukhoi Civil Aircraft (SCAC)» test equipment onboard cable network aircraft SSJ-100. The result of the victory achieved in the acute competition, was the conclusion of a contract for the delivery of 2014, the test suite onboard cable network (TC BCS) with a Russian producer of short-haul aircraft.

The proposal of holding "Informtest" based on years of experience in the design, manufacture and test the implementation of similar systems, various modifications are successfully operated by the leading enterprises of the Russian aerospace industry, as evidenced by the numerous positive reviews.

The decision "Informtest" meets all the requirements of the customer and will be used in the final assembly shop aircraft. Hardware and software of the complex TC BCS are based on a commercially available test system-9110-VXI. This system is well known, according to experts, it is the most popular in Russia multichannel modular system of automated control cables, wire harnesses, cable systems and airborne relay units that are part of electronic equipment for critical applications.





From the combination of the technical parameters of the Russian system TEST-9110-VXI surpassed Canadian foreign analogues (tester MPT company CableTest) and the British production (IC tester), which was a factor in its choice for the customer bases TC BCS aircraft SSJ-100. The modular concept allows TC BCS continue to use the complex not only in the production cycle, but also to adapt it for use with the company performing maintenance and repair of aircraft SSJ-100, located in the Russian Federation and abroad.

The complex TC BCS completed a set of highly reliable and resistant to repeated bending transition harnesses to connect to the network cable harnesses aircraft, work on the design and manufacture of which are made Russian partners holding "Informtest."

Signing of the contract for supply of JSC "Sukhoi Civil Aircraft" of equipment for testing the cable network of the aircraft SSJ-100, confirmed the high potential of holding "Informtest" in the development and production of Russian high-quality and reliable measurement and control systems, in no way inferior to Western counterparts.

About Holding "Informtest":
Holding "Informtest", founded in 1996, is specialized in the development, manufacture, integration and maintenance of various test equipment, quality control systems installation and control systems function on-board systems for the aerospace industry, including the development and supply of software. Testing Equipment and Systems "Informtest" produced in our own plant in Zelenograd, and successfully used at a number of leading enterprises of the Russian aerospace industry.


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