Interview: Evgeny Vlasov - Programmer flight simulators.
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Interview: Evgeny Vlasov - Programmer flight simulators.

Good afternoon. Introduce yourself, and the portal tell us what you are doing?


Good afternoon, my name is Eugene and I am a programmer in the department of flight simulators. I am specializing in computer graphics, in particular, on cylindrical screens and mnogoproektornyh imaging systems.

That sounds not very easy. Tell the readers a little bit more specific about the scope of your activities ...

The simulator will forgive you much more errors than the real aircraft. In the simulator you can quite safely test different flight modes limit, failure of various systems of the aircraft. Try different weather conditions and fly almost anywhere in the world without leaving the training complex.


For simulators in addition to accurate flight simulation, it is very important to create a feeling of immersion in flight. Sound, graphics, workplace, all this should correspond to reality. To do this, use large curved screens with a viewing angle of up to 360 degrees, so that the future pilot or dispatcher on the virtual tower can see objects around him in full size. Since there is not enough single projector for such large screens, special systems are used that can combine images of several projectors into one large one and correctly distort it for a non-planar screen.

Those. You can say you are programming the simulator themselves possess many skills as pilots and air traffic controllers?

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In addition to the programmers in our department and the company employs former pilots and aviation universities teachers with long experience, who are eager to share skills. Unfortunately, I have a bad manager - when tested in a simulator Samara ATC center on the runway, under my direction, has faced several planes. Let virtual, but it was annoying.

I do not even know how to call the fire brigade!

Dispatch simulator simulates the traffic situation for any difficulty with a huge range of emergency situations. But do not forget that simulator training is only one of the stages of training of aviation personnel, which in any case does not replace actual practice.

And as the students and teachers relate to this kind of technology, there are no complaints?


When I was an intern in that department, as a student, these simulators have made a huge impression on me, and I decided that I would stay in this company. For student pilots can not say anything - in mind the specifics of the work I do not cross them.

And with what aircraft to operate more often experienced by people who are trained?


From complex simulators of our company are known to me and 18T Yak-A-410.

But what about all the Airbus and Boing? How such learning? Release of the software are directly involved in other businesses?


Yes, I know the sun is engaged in such a Canadian company CAE.

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How to train for your profession? What you need to know the young professionals?


In addition to the interest for aviation require higher education in the field of applied mathematics and information technology.

I graduated from the Department of Applied Mathematics, University of Civil Aviation in St. Petersburg, but I learned to program on their own.

What advantages does the preparation for air-simulator compared to training on a real airplane?


The simulator will forgive you for far more mistakes than a real plane. On the simulator, you can absolutely safely try out various limiting modes of flight, the failure of various aircraft systems, try out various weather conditions and fly almost anywhere in the world without leaving the training complex. Dispatching simulator simulates the air situation of any complexity with a huge set of freelance situations. But do not forget that training on the simulator is only one of the stages of training aviation personnel, which in no way replaces the actual practice.

Do not forget that flight simulators are not limited to a flight. There are many procedural simulators for engineering staff or more generally for the entire crew. For example, in graduate school I'm working on learning technique to improve the efficiency of interaction between crew members. For this technique, I have developed a set of programs, which, although simple, but also trainers in fact.

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What do you wish for young professionals in this area?


The enthusiasm, inexhaustible enthusiasm. I play a lot of computer games, flight simulators, and have always had a special place. I made my hobby my work, and very pleased with it.

Really, it's great when work brings joy and in a place with the benefit of society. Many new pilots must be very grateful to him.