Interview: Assistant helicopter pilot EMERCOM of Russia. The modest hero. David Akopov.
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Interview: Assistant helicopter pilot EMERCOM of Russia. The modest hero. David Akopov.

The assistant pilot helicopter EMERCOM of Russia.

The modest hero.

David Akopov.


Good evening, introduce portal



Hello, my name is David Akopov.

What do you do? What is your occupation?



I work in the Flight industry, namely in the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in the two positions:

  • 1: Assistant Pilot (medic)
  • 2: those. Flight service - vehicle.

By profession I am a doctor.

How did you come into this profession?



An old childhood dream - to become a lifeguard, which is gradually carried out ....

How often do you have crashes?



Departures every day we have, because it lives in Moscow more than 12 million. Man, and every time someone something happens. But, unfortunately, we help all we can not because we do not know than be faced with today! It may be a car accident, an accident at the plant. We are always prepared for the worst.

Perhaps you have seen a lot of terrible and tragic picture of what feelings you have is a situation in which you need to help the person?



Feelings? Hmm ... It all depends on the circumstances and what happened ... So if we take as an example, the old tragic incident "a terrorist attack in the Moscow metro", surely everyone knows about it. I just can not describe to you the feelings when you are served by the call of the highest category "10" (digital distribution level of the incident). Then it became not just scared for myself but for others, for the loved ones of all those who surround you.

I can tell you that if it was with the pilot .. but it's a slightly different story ...

Well, or as an example of another case: the accident at the Moscow Ring Road, when faced 17 machines, there is also a picture is not easy, everything needed help, and to be honest, then it has become necessary to us. Given the order of 20 injured, I wanted to help everyone, but unfortunately we do not have the fate ...


Work views

operational view helipad

At some helicopter you fly?



Our main helicopter BK-117

This helicopter is you never let down?



In my practice there, although technology was told that 2003 year, when one of the helicopters to perform the task, for unknown reasons, no one, he became entangled in the line of electricity transmission on landing. I think no need to explain further what happened ...

How many people usually performs crash?



Standard crew of the helicopter on a mission 3 person:

1) Pilot

2) Doctor

3) sanitation.


Work helicopter

Helicopter Winter

And how many people you can bring on board? In a case in which hospital you fly?



The maximum we can afford to take on board a hard hit and deliver the next clinic, equipped with a helicopter pad, if more serious cases, you take away the victims (max. 5 people), and fly to a nearby city hospital, and then we can go back ...

How many helicopters you on the basis of Ministry of Emergency Situations? How many helicopters can fly at the same time in case of emergency?



Our hangar is 2 helicopter. Our main VC-117 and a backup helicopter Bo-105.

During an emergency case can fly all helicopters from all bases in Moscow. They are in the order of 45.

How do you relax after a not just a job?



At home with the family, sometimes on the basis of at when working shift is over - we arrange a small family dinner. In general, do not miss.

Tell us about the most memorable flight?



Yes, there is. Was the most common challenge MOE - "a fire in the house," then caught fire several apartments on the second floor 15-noostroyki, everything would be fine, but in one of the windows of someone shouting, but I heard it. Through the noise of the motor rotor helicopter, I asked the pilot to turn the spotlight and shine in the smoky apartment. And then they saw the girl, years 7-9 in the window, as well as the firefighters get to the apartment could not all hope was just me. Everyone understood that time is running out.

Our helicopter at the time was not equipped with a winch, it was removed for repairs. The helicopter was only about 30 meters of rope, which can withstand a maximum 50 kilogram.

And then there was a choice: save himself or a girl?

I tied a rope to the ski helicopter and asked the pilot to fly up to the window and hang. I had to go down manually. You can not imagine the feeling when you've got at the hands of a little girl, a weak rope, and thus be saved either she or I do. And I made a decision: the physician asked to release the rope from the helicopter, and to give it to me. I broke the window in the apartment below, and pulled back the girl with the help of a safety belt then himself ...

And when it was finally over, comes to me this girl ... and asks, "Where is my mother?" ... That's when it became clear that this is not all. According to the child, her parents were in the room .... but back there it was pure suicide. Then I must say thanks to the firefighters who cut out the door to the apartment on time and saved the mother of the girl. Unfortunately, my father did not have time to save time.

The tragic story, I want to thank you for such a frank story.

How to learn to be your profession?



How to do it - exactly what I tell you I can not.

I'll tell you, it gets me ...

I graduated from the Medical College, and then paid courses international medic (Med.Brat).

And somehow lucky that one of the firefighters told friends: "Would you like us to go to work at the base? Do you have all the data. " Well, I just could not refuse. Then I finish my studies as an engineer flight personnel vessel VC-117. And now I'm staying in this area.

What do you wish for those who want to work in the MOE?



Each himself the creator of what he does, and if he wants to work in the structure of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, I can only say one thing: there is no allocation to the fact that here it is weak and the other strong, everyone is equal here! If you want, come and try it yourself!

Thank you for your time, good luck in your difficult path.


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