Interview: Alex Shushpanov - UTair flight attendant.
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Interview: Alex Shushpanov - UTair flight attendant.             

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My name is Alex Shushpanov. I work in the airline UTair in lёtnom squad №3 (Tyumen)             

How did you come to aviation?


I would like to start by saying that I have come to the aviation industry of a rather complex - medicine. I worked in the operating unit and ambulance station. This work has taught me not to be afraid of difficulties. Working in the airline, I have gained a lot of new friends, expand their horizons, to see new cities and countries.

I worked in the operating unit

and ambulance station.

This job taught me not to be afraid of difficulties.             

Many people say that this is not a male profession, what is your answer to this?


I believe that the opposite is true. Huge psychological pressure, constant biorhythm disturbances and a strong burden on health always accompany this profession.

Interview: Alex Shushpanov - UTair flight attendant. 23


However, why did you choose this profession?


I am attracted to the so-called "kochevny" or "mad" way of life. I do not like to sit still and I love new places and explore.

How and where to held your training? What is the most memorable?


I was trained in the training centers in the city of Tyumen. This is the main training center in our airline. There are learning and pilots and navigators and controllers, and flight attendants. I would like to thank all the teachers (especially Mataeva Natalia Vasil) for all skills and abilities acquired during training.

Could you describe an interesting case in more detail?


It's actually pretty mundane. Of course, like everyone on board, there are certain situations that require special attention: a passenger in a state of alcoholic intoxication, turbulence zones, special requests of first class passengers. You should always be careful and think only about the safety and comfort of passengers.

What kind of questions you asked at the interview when applying for a job?


It should be noted that the interview comes to a lot of visitors. In communion with all the representatives of the airline spent a lot of time. Every person who is looking for a job, paid 3-5-minute chat. You must be, to tell where I studied, worked, and your hobbies. The same may ask additional questions. Guys usually ask about military service and bad habits.

What is the monthly rate of plaque?


80 hours, but acceptable 88 hours with the consent of the employee.

UTair flight attendant

And what further career growth for the flight attendant?


Increase the class.

I want to be an instructor and share experiences with young flight attendants.

And whether knowledge of languages?


If the competition does not ask. Languages ​​required at taking tests, and getting access to international air routes.


One should always be careful and think only about the safety and comfort of passengers.

Can you choose the direction and flying?


No. This solves the planning department flights.

How many days did you spend outside the home in a month?



If you come across a conflicted or drunk passenger, what will you do?


There is an instruction that determines the actions of the cabin crew about such passengers. If the passenger behaves inadequately, the flight attendant gives him an oral warning. If the passenger does not obey, the message is transmitted to the FAC, and he issues a written warning. In the case when the passenger did not comply with this requirement, the PIC gives an order to pacify the passenger. Any improvised means can be used. Naturally, without physical violence. If the passenger's behavior threatens flight safety, then the PIC takes the decision of an unscheduled landing of the aircraft. All further development of events occurs on the orders of the captain of the aircraft.

UTair flight attendants

In what class you work better?


At the moment, only he worked in the economy class.

If you want a vacation with your family, whether there are any benefits to commanders?


This is. 5 once a year free home residency. And once a year, anywhere in the world.

Do you like your uniform?


 Our airline has a strict and businesslike uniform. She has now become very recognizable. I really like the chosen style of dress - it is strict, formal, comfortable and practical.

What do you wish the male gender in this profession?


Although there are noticeably fewer men in the number of flight attendants, I would like to wish them to always be healthy, responsible and loved.

My opinion: men are indispensable in this profession, especially with luggage navykov.V practical medical emergency response in men and better, and in general a man physically vynosliv.I -stimul good for the female crew.!

People used to take the flight attendants as the staff in the form of a pretty girl. Indeed work flight attendant not only for girls. In some emergency situations, we can say that it is more suitable for men.

From time to time have to fly different airlines. Always respecting the work of flight attendants is their high level of professionalism! Always willing to help, and in all its passengers. Thank them for their patience and care!


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