Features of airports during periods of mass transit
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Results of the conference: "Features of airports during periods of mass transportation"

46th Moscow International Conference "Features of the operation of airports during periods of mass traffic"


29-30 2014 October at the hotel "Novotel Sheremetyevo airport"The 46th Moscow International Conference" Peculiarities of Airports Operation in Periods of Mass Traffic "and the Exhibition" Equipment, Equipment and Advanced Technologies for Airports "took place. The main topic of the conference was the study of best practices in ensuring the readiness of airports to serve passengers during periods of major political, cultural and sports events. 

The conference discussed issues sledujushie:

  • - World standards for the quality of passenger service (IATA and ICAO requirements).

  • - Features service of passengers with reduced mobility.

  • - Improvement of services in the airports.

  • - Provision of aviation security at airports.

  • - How to increase the airport's capacity.


46-th Moscow International conference "Peculiarities of airports during periods of mass transit» 146-th Moscow International conference "Peculiarities of airports during periods of mass transit» 2


The conference was organized by the Association "Airport" of Civil Aviation, with the support of:

  • - "Federal Air Transport Agency" Ministry of Transport of Russia

  • - “Rostransnadzor” of the Ministry of Transport of Russia 

  • - Association «Airports of Ukraine"

  • - Association of producers of services in transport.

Delegates to the conference were representatives of such countries as Russia, Belarus, Great Britain, Kazakhstan, Canada, Moldova and Switzerland.

The representative of Switzerland, Zafar Kabilov, spoke about the "UDPS Common Access Platform" Universal Departure Platform Solution ", a special version for Russia and the CIS. This platform ensures uninterrupted operation, for sufficient connection of the local server with the servers used by DCS. The main server is located in the Russian Federation, which allows you to save personal data of Russians inside the country.
Zafar also presented unique hardware solutions. Autonomous equipment - MOBILE DCS - “mobile airport”, the equipment is a mobile module, consisting of a portable check-in counter and a boarding gate. This technique allows you to register groups of passengers outside airports. For example, in this way you can register delegations or sports teams. 

Gleb Golovchenko - Deputy General Director of JSC "RIVTS-Pulkovo" - presented at the conference Automated System "Cobra," which proved to be excellent during 2014 Olympics in Sochi. The advantages of this system are:

  • 1) Integrated system.

  • 2) The modular design principle.

  • 3) single interface.

  • 4) graphic information management tools.

  • 5) Flexible settings.

  • 6) Mobile technology.

  • 7) The real automation of production processes.

  • 8) Years of experience developing and operating the system. 


46-th Moscow International conference "Peculiarities of airports during periods of mass transit» 346-th Moscow International conference "Peculiarities of airports during periods of mass transit» 4


During the Olympic Games in Sochi, the system has shown remarkable results:

  • - 30 takeoffs / landings per hour

  • - 575 flights per day

  • - 23400 daily ridership

  • - 409000 kg of luggage per day

  • - 92% flight regularity.


It is worth noting that the automated system "Cobra" is a Russian design, but it is in no way inferior to similar foreign systems, and thus is at times affordable.

Fatima Dzoblaeva, Managing Director of the Russian Airborne Association, spoke at the conference
a report on the market in Russia Duty Free. She spoke about the prospects of development of the market Duty Free, in particular, that the Duty Free shops opened and is now on his arrival in Russia, as well as a new segment of the market - railway stations.

During the conference an exhibition, which was attended by companies from Russia, CIS, Baltic States, Europe, the USA and Canada.


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