Ivan Kozhedub - Fidelity homeland. Seeker battle. Book. Reviews.
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Ivan Kozhedub - Fidelity homeland. Seeker battle. Book. Reviews.

Ivan Kozhedub - Fidelity homeland. Seeker battle. Book. Reviews.


In your hands is the very first full-length release from the most experienced Soviet pilot - Kozhedub, which is three times Hero of the Soviet Union. On account of this soldier has 62 downed enemy aircraft. But less well known is the fact that this list includes not only German planes, but two "Mustang" American production, which began to mistakenly attacks on aircraft Kozhedub and as a result were shot down in the battle. Six years later, Ivan Nikitich had to re-enter the fray, and this time the enemy was a former ally in Korea, where he previously served as commander of 324-th IAD, which is considered the most powerful and efficient air division in the history of the Korean War.

Over time it was destroyed by order of 216 airplanes of US origin, despite the fact that the part of the Korean army lost only 27 9 planes and pilots. Ivan Nikitich Kozhedub was an impeccable pilot, fighter and commander who did not have aristocratic qualities, he did not rise to the top of his military and bureaucratic career, but still received marshal stars. But he, as a person devoted to the Motherland, did not manage to cope with the death of his fatherland, and Ivan Nikitich died on August 8, 1991 from a heart attack. 

In the book, the hero talks about youth, how she became a pilot, comrades in arms, victories at the front and in life.

I have long wanted to read Kozhedub's book "Loyalty to the Fatherland". A wonderful pilot, I want to plunge into that time, experience his victories and failures.


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