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From one extreme to another
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From one extreme to another

From one extreme to another.


"Scientists from the Central hydrodynamic Institute named after Zhukovsky (TsAGI) examined the project of creation of a military helicopter with a high-speed rotary rotor and started to work on it, according to the institute's Web site.
Leading engineer department of dynamics and aerodynamics of helicopters Valeriy Gorban said that the realization of this ambitious project will significantly increase the speed of movement of the aircraft for at least 200 kilometers per hour (with 400 km / h to 600-700 km / h). The expert also highlighted some of the difficulties in implementing the concept, the main of which is to ensure the handling and stability of the machine at the time of transition from the "helicopter" flight mode to "the airplane" and in the opposite direction.
Right now TsAGI experts are studying the scheme of military rotorcraft, which will be able to stop in-flight rotor-wing. "
(Military materials Excellence in heaven. Russian combat helicopters will be the fastest in the world).
Interesting article and reading pleasure: finally, our scientists began to search for ways out of the impasse of stagnation in the helicopter. But what confuses me:
A similar project has already been proposed by SV Mikheev in 2008. And speed - up to 800k / h: "For the first time the concept model of this helicopter is shown during the international exhibition" HeliRussia-2008 "(Wikipedia). And if there really is a need for such a helicopter, then Kamov has a long-standing project on this subject, and without a doubt all theoretical studies and scientific research work (R & D) have been carried out. The project of Sergei Viktorovich Mikheev is similar, but not the same: after dialing the speed in helicopter mode, the propeller blades do not turn into wings, but are retracted into a special case "on the back" of the helicopter, "which does not change the essence.

From extreme to kraynost.1

And Sergey Viktorovich, as you know, words can not soritsya: test pilots at lower helicopter Ka-50 reached 460k / h speed. (Wikipedia) helicopters have projects with rigid blades assumed cruising speed of more 400k / h, so the CB "Kamov" Ka project-90 - a natural continuation in the improvement of its products.

But designers Mil. Mil high speed until now were only pictures of Mi-H1 and layouts, and helicopter design with a rotor-rotor, if I understand correctly, is designed specifically for them. This is called "to extremes!" Mi-28N supplied service in our FSI develops a maximum speed = 300k / h. and this immediately undertake the development of a helicopter with the speed of the exotic in 700k / h.

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A transport Mi-8, «cool» upgraded over the decades, and it flies slower: with more and more powerful engines could not get out of 230k / h speed. to this day. His big drag is easily visible in the picture, especially the additional tank barrel.

From extreme to kraynost.3

And this is not all. In order to get a flight range of up to 1400km, compacted and the cargo compartment of the same barrels of kerosene.

From extreme to kraynost.4

That would look like a modern helicopter cabin.

From extreme to kraynost.5

This interior design Ka-102 with a range = 1100km.
This interior design and lower class helicopter Ka-92 with a range = 1400km.

From extreme to kraynost.6

Below - fuel tanks made integral with the fuselage, and what should be advanced fuel tanks.
You see the difference in the culture of the design?
I believe that with a serious attitude to the modernization of the speed characteristics of Mi-8 helicopter would long ago have had Vcr. = 270-290k / h. Just wanted to remind designers to cost centers as first-graders, that a large drag on the helicopter - it's fuel consumption, which reduces the range and useful load, raise the price of the helicopter!
But back to the above-mentioned "concept", where "The expert also highlighted some of the difficulties in implementing the concept, the main of which is to ensure the handling and stability of the machine at the time of transition from the" helicopter "flight mode to" the airplane "and in the opposite direction."

It seems, there is a shortage: in my opinion, the author did not indicate yet another problem of this scheme. Suppose that, after dialing the required speed in helicopter mode, the screw-wing was stopped and then the blades should work like wings. That's it and the TRAP! A bladder that has stopped at the trailing edge of the trailing edge, which corresponds to the negative mounting angle of the main rotor blade and the negative lift of the blade, respectively, but needs a positive one, which is only possible with a positive setting angle. In this, I see a problem with the rearrangement of the blade from the negative angle to the positive one. If this helicopter takes off and accelerates to the set speed in helicopter mode, then it has a skew machine, with which the cone of the main rotor is deflected to the right side and which is capable of changing the mounting angles of the blades. But it works like this: either increases (reduces) the angles of both blades at once, or by changing the setting angle of one blade, it also simultaneously acts with the other blade, only in the opposite direction. And in this case, it is required to change the setting angle only in one blade by an angle equal to the angle of the opposite blade, which is absolutely impossible with the help of the skew machine! And it is very doubtful that in this century there may appear a skew machine capable of changing the installation angle of only one blade, so I see no reason to chase a "crane in the sky", as it was with the mythical Mi-X1 project, but rather design real helicopters with Accessible to date capabilities.

In general, in our State, with this question, some strange things happen: when the high-speed Ka-92 helicopter project was born, then the MVZ scientists created a false project Mi-X1, with the characteristics "better" of the Ka-92 project and the Kamov project lost funding , Than actually it was frozen. Then the chief designer of the false project Mi-X1 N.Pavlenko "scuffed" the people with this "project" on the pages of the media and on the Internet and as soon as Ka-92 was frozen, everyone immediately forgot both Mi-X1 and N.Pavlenko. If such a "project" was drawn by a schoolboy, he could be told: "You did not learn the theory of helicopter flight, so you do not know that after the speed of 400 / h. Due to the difference in the lift forces of the right and left halves of the main rotor, a single-rotor helicopter is turned upside down and this is the end of his career. But the project came from professional designers with a world-wide name, therefore, it had as its goal simply to freeze the real project of Ka-92, which was in fact. The only difference is that then the false project Mi-X1 came from the KB MVZ, and today it tries to come from TsAGI scientists, but it seems to me that the essence is the same: to interfere with the Ka-90 project! And God grant me to make a mistake in my judgments!

I believe that scientists TsAGI and general constructors instead of cost centers like searchlights to do the replacement of obsolete and very expensive Mi-26 a more modern economic model.

The best in the world combat helicopters are obtained in JSC Kamov: Ka-50 and Ka-52, as well as sea Ka-27-convincing proof of that, therefore, the work for combat helicopters is left for the Kamovites. To me, for example, it is very incomprehensible that to this day instead of the best in the world of military helicopters Ka-50 "Black Shark" armament is supplied with little suitable Mi-28N helicopters in modern war. By the way, the modernized variant expected by the holding company will be a little better, although it is very much praised by the holding's managers! But this is ordinary advertising to a mediocre commodity! They say that it is not necessary to advertise a good product - it advertises itself. I remember that Slyusar Sr. also sounded loudly about the fact that Mi-28N had not yet been launched into the series, and after him, it was the turn of foreign customers. In the serial production, only Iraqis were able to persuade, for which the Iraqi prime minister was then justified at himself for a corrupt deal on Mi-28.


Vitalii Belyaev


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It is interesting for you, Vitaly turns out - you are clearly against Milevtsev and in particular against Mi-8, and at the same time find at least one foreign helicopter with its parameters and payload, and even considering the requirements that Mi-8 is transport-passenger, t .e he needs an "empty" salon for the transport option, if the passenger is on demand, again, now no fuel tanks are allowed inside or under the floor of the PASSENGER SALON, in this scheme the Ka-92 passes under security requirements, but the picture Salon "Jacobs" Ka-102 slyamzili with "New Aircraft Inter Iors for United Airlines "Somehow it's not beautiful, although it's possible to do such a salon on Mi-8P, but such speeds -800 km / h will not be EXACTLY, count the peripheral speed of the blade and the speed of the helicopter - that's the limit. Which of these is the way out - I do not know

*** Oleg!
1. And here "against Milevtsev," when their helicopters have long been obsolete and morally and physically, and they are hanging noodles on us, which is better than Mi-8 helicopters and is not foreseen? I already wrote here many times that even in 2001, SVMikheev offered to the serial production of Ka-32-10 on the basis of Ka-32 with an equal volume of the Mi-8 fuselage and flawless aerodynamics, but at a price even cheaper than Mi-8 Series. The managers of OAO Russian Helicopters refused to produce it serially under the far-fetched pretext of "no customers." This shameless lie is akin to wrecking. And you try to convict me of some dislike for the milovtsy.
2. With regard to fuel tanks beneath the floor - this is purely your imagination.
3. Ka-92 and does not imply speed = 800k / h, it is from a different "opera", but more so for Mi-8 this is sheer stupidity!
4. The "Kamov" never, no one, and not "lyamzali" anything, including "salon picture."

I also do not quite understand the hype with the ultra-high-speed helicopter, but for another reason. If the power of the machine is sufficient for take-off, can the convertoplan be better? Or a plane of vertical takeoff? The idea, of course, is compromised by 60's failures, but ... In 60, the pilot was never able to land the aircraft on the tail. Today, the success of electronics completely allow for takeoff and landing in an automatic mode. The thrust of the engines of the fighters is already one and a half times higher than their dry weight. Take-off with the help of accelerators, and landing is possible and on the staff engines. Similarly, screw machines, but there would be a possibility of takeoff without accelerators and the possibility of multiple landings and take-offs.
Unconvincing happened. Again. Why bother with the helicopter rotor, if you want more speed, and engine power allows the aircraft to take off vertically? If you use trёhdvigatelnuyu scheme, and problems with the big I do not see the control.
To develop the management systems of the vertical take-off and landing in automatic mode you want to create a creative team. The algorithms can work on drones ...

The author clearly and without distortion outlined the essence of things. I have been supporting this statement, and such an approach.
If defenders Mil kosandy eating the same yasnf response even write.

No article - cry. Another confirmation of the fact that we are governed Losers. Just because they are subject to jealousy and stupidity.

Vitaly! You do not have to fly faster for Mi-8, and the fact that you showed the photo to the internal fuel tanks so they are used only in the ferry option and not as not in combat. Need to know the little things))). Good luck to you in the development of helicopters and pouring dirt hurl without knowing the essence

Dear Victor Kavko, have attacked the helicopter Mi-8 = 4000chasov. He flew in the Arctic and the North, because I know - that I write! Then we have the second barrel was not, there was one that was present in the fuselage permanently! For so many years of use for a long time Mi-8 should place additional aerodynamic exterior tanks and aircraft - elegant!