How to transport a patient by air
How to transport a patient by air

How to transport a patient by air: transportation methods

In the world an increasing number of patients and victims, transportation of which is carried by air every year. Most often, the need to transport ill patients by air are cardiologists, intensivists and surgeons.

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Sometimes it is difficult to make a definitive decision, and whether it is necessary to subject the patient to such a risk. As the patient's condition may worsen in the plane, because the height of associated pressure drop, as well as reduction in the concentration of oxygen in the blood. Especially it is unacceptable in certain diseases, in this regard, on board the aircraft, you must have with them a large supply of oxygen.

When transporting the patient plane decisive factor is that there is often no possibility of on-site to provide the necessary assistance to the man. Then the doctors tend to stabilize the condition of the patient and how the patient can be transported quickly to the place of treatment.

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Often, the patient transport aircraft can save human lives. Fast and gentle transport as effectively impact on the successful treatment of the victim.

Transportation by airplane to a sick or severely injured person is also preferred in the case when the life and health of a person depends on how quickly treatment can be started. When every minute counts on the account, and any delay can cause immediate damage, transporting it by plane can be the only correct way out. If we talk about the transport of bedridden patients over long distances, then, of course, the advantages of transportation by air are undeniable, because in this way the patient is on the treatment site faster, and also often in more comfortable conditions.

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On the one hand, transport aircraft requires sufficient investments, but on the other - an effective treatment that is started early, it is more successful and gives a guaranteed result, it becomes profitable in financial terms.

Types of transport of sick and injured by plane

Transporting patients aircraft carried out the following ways:

  • specialized medical aircraft, which is part of the air ambulance;

  • usual a scheduled or chartered aircraft;

  • medical evacuation department on transport aircraft.

But it should be remembered that in any case, the patient must be accompanied by doctors, because during transportation the patient's condition may deteriorate sharply, and therefore the help of specialists, including experienced resuscitators, may be needed.

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Special medical aircraft

Transportation of a sick person by a specialized aircraft takes place according to the principle “from bed to bed”, which means “from bed to bed”. This aircraft has all the necessary conditions for the air transportation of seriously injured and sick people. In a special aircraft there is a mandatory medical equipment that makes it possible to provide emergency assistance, as well as resuscitation beds. These aircraft are often called air ambulances. One of the distinguishing features of special airplanes is the equipment of the modern generation of navigation equipment, which makes it possible to transport a sick or injured person almost around the clock in any weather. The difference between special planes is that they are always in full readiness for departure.

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A regular or charter plane

When there is no definite need for special medical equipment to support the patient's life, it can be transported using a flight or charter plane. In this case, it is necessary to discuss all the issues with the airline in advance in order to obtain, first of all, the consent for the flight, and also that the company has time to properly prepare the aircraft. The minimum period for handling this petition is 24 hours. It is also worth coordinating all further actions with the airline, insurance company and medical personnel in order to book a certain number of seats, provide cylinders with the required amount of oxygen, and install a stretcher. The doctor, who deals with the treatment of the patient, must pass the conclusion, where the necessary conditions for the transportation of the sick person are indicated.

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Stretcher spacers disposed on the top of chairs, otherwise some amount disassembled chairs and stretchers thus properly secured to the floor. Location selected for this aircraft in the tail area of ​​an economy class, with separate guard. These actions are aimed, first of all, the fact to create the most comfortable for the patient and calm conditions, as well as, to a lesser extent disturb other passengers of the plane.

Often, the patient can not move independently, for this purpose employ a special lift. As a rule, during the flight with the patient should follow the resuscitation team.

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Mainly transport patients on this aircraft is much cheaper than a special medical plane, but it takes much more time. It is worth paying attention to the fact that aircraft can not for a sick person to deviate from a particular course, influence the departure time or, for example, to land at another airport.

A large number of Russian and foreign companies have a similar service, so you can choose the most suitable route and the type of desired aircraft.

transport airplane

When there is no other way out to save human life, it is necessary to use a transport plane for this purpose. In this case, a resuscitation vehicle arrives on board the aircraft. This makes it possible to transport a sick patient using the necessary set of medical equipment at any stage of transportation. The advantage of choice is also the fact that a person does not have to be disturbed once more, transferring from one place to another. After landing at the airport, the ambulance safely delivers the patient to the clinic.

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What to look for when selecting a company to transport a sick person by air?

Every year a growing number of organizations that are directly involved in the transportation of patients with airplanes. A significant part of the companies that offer this service, in fact, are intermediaries. In this regard, the transportation of patients by plane, thanks to intermediary firms, became available in almost all parts of the country. It happens that in a particularly difficult situation a sick person or his relatives cannot independently understand all the issues related to transportation. Especially when transportation to another country is necessary and all documents are urgently required. Direct carriers that own a medical aircraft base are both domestic, import, and international companies. Of course, if you need a patient transportation service, then, first of all, you should contact an organization that has its own transport and properly trained staff. You should definitely make sure that the contract with the airline includes all services and the total amount indicated in full. The company must ensure that the aircraft is fully equipped for emergency situations.

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Much better is the situation with the patient transport clearance by regular or charter plane. The organization, which provides assistance services for transporting a sick person takes all the trouble of choosing a suitable flight, specifies all the issues with the airline to book tickets, draws up insurance forms a team of physicians, it is also involved in the equipment space and ensures the correct registration of necessary documents.

Geography patient transport aircraft

To carry the sick or injured person on the aircraft allow both long and very long distances up to 9 thousand kilometers. Transportation companies are willing to easily take a patient from almost every corner where there is a runway. Enough popular destinations sick or injured person transportation abroad are considered to Switzerland, Germany, Israel, the USA, Finland.

Of particular note is the fact that large medical centers in Europe offer transportation services for a patient on a special flight in order to undergo the necessary course of treatment. This is convenient, in fact, by the fact that even before the patient arrives at the place of treatment, the doctors are already preparing for the reception and are trying to provide better conditions during the flight on the plane.

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Transportation of patients abroad by plane

Transportation abroad is complicated, first of all, by the need for immediate registration of passport, insurance, visas for both the immediate patient and for the accompanying group. Some employees of organizations that provide services for the transport of patients to Europe, have already prepared Schengen visas. Also consulates of other countries provide both visa and administrative support. All international airports have medical services that speedily help pass the passport, customs and border controls.

All this allows the patient and his relatives, smoothly follow the desired route.

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