How to transport drugs on the plane
How to transport drugs on the plane

How to transport drugs on the plane: methods, permits, photos

Pretty much interested in the question - how to transport drugs on the plane? To facilitate the search, you must first be noted that each passenger can carry a standard first aid kit complete with a tourist without any problems. If you need a regular intake of medicines that are issued only on prescription, there may be some difficulties. It should be noted that the requirements of air transport drugs differ, depending on whether you will cross the border of a country or not.

How to transport drugs on the plane: methods, permits, photos

Features transport drugs by plane

The passenger has the right to take solid or liquid medicines in the required amount. That is, if you plan a vacation for 10 days, and a person takes two tablets of a certain medication per day, then he can take only 20 tablets with him. For transportation by air of more than 5 identical packages of drugs, it is necessary to declare. In this case, the passenger passes the control not along the green, but along the red corridor. Such a party is considered a commercial, respectively, requires payment of duty.

Drugs that have hypnotic, narcotic, psychotropic or analgesic components can be transported only with a prescription, personal signature of the attending physician and a stamp of the health authority. As confirmation of the need for taking the medicine can be an extract from the personal medical history, which is certified by the medical institution. The statement or prescription must clearly state the amount of the drug transported, which is controlled by the airport staff. When flying out of the Russian Federation, there must be a translation of the certificate into English and notarization of the certificate.

All, without exception, drugs that are transported must be in the original packaging with the original labeling. If there is no box, attention is paid to the integrity of the plates with capsules or tablets. All drugs that have expired are forbidden to be transported by air.

How to transport drugs on the plane: methods, permits, photos

Speaking of Western countries, it is worth noting that patients often receive nominal jars of medicine. In this case, doubles or discharge is not required during flights. Unfortunately, in our country has not yet used the stickers, which complicates the procedure of transportation.

How to transport the drug in the plane on the territory of Russia?

At this time there are no restrictions on the transport of drugs in the baggage. That is, each passenger has the right to transport any amount of medicines by air. It is worth noting that the transportation of drugs in hand luggage in the cabin of an airliner exists, especially when it comes to liquid preparations. Each passenger has the ability to carry no more than one liter of liquid in his carry-on baggage, including medicines. Tanks should have a volume of no more than 100 ml each. If it is absolutely necessary to transport medicines with you in the amount of more than 0.1 liters, you will need a prescription from a doctor or a medical history with relevant notes.

For passengers who are planning to departure or entry into the territory of the Russian Federation, it is necessary to familiarize with the list of banned medicines and substances. Most often prohibited the import and export of painkillers, psychotropic or narcotic drugs.

How to transport drugs on the plane: methods, permits, foto3

Features of transportation of drugs by air transport for the Russian border

Preparing for the flight, the passenger, who plans to take medicines with him, should familiarize himself with the customs regulations of the country where he is flying. Almost all countries in the world prohibit the import of drugs that have psychotropic or narcotic components. This list may significantly differ from Russian. For example, it can be noted that in most countries import of "Valocordin" and "Corvalol" is prohibited, since the active substance of these drugs is phenobarbital. This substance belongs to the category of narcotic substances. In particular, these products are prohibited from importing into the United States, Lithuania, Estonia and the United Arab Emirates.

Regulations for the carriage of liquid medicines

  1. The hand luggage allowed to carry medicines in containers of not more than 100ml. Thus they must be pre-packed in transparent bags that facilitate clearance control on airport.

  2. Before you go through security scanning service items must be reported on the transport of liquid medicines.

  3. In this case, the airport employee must provide an extract from the medical history or a prescription.

What punishment could follow the passage of specific drugs on a plane without a prescription?

If you try to smuggle the drug containing psychotropic or narcotic components on board the aircraft without a prescription, you will be asked:

  • throw the medicine during the passage of the inspection;

  • You may be asked to leave the flight;

  • last resort is imprisonment.

How to transport drugs on the plane: methods, permits, foto4

It should be emphasized that the standard tourist first aid kit with a set of antipyretic, adsorptive and eye drops is carried by air transport without any permits. The main thing is that the number of packages of each type of medicines does not exceed 1-2 packages. With such medicines, you can safely walk along the green corridor. Receptor preparations must be supported by appropriate documents, and the passenger passes the check through the red corridor. The same verification procedure is also necessary when carrying more than 5 packages of the same drug on board the aircraft.

To avoid any problems with the transport of medicines on air transport, it is worth taking only what is necessary. It is also worth clarifying the customs regulations of the country in which the flight is carried out. If necessary, take a prescription or an extract from the treatment history from your doctor.