How a stewardess fed the breasts of another hungry baby

One of the flight attendants became a real heroine of the flight, saving a small child and his mother!

To please the very small passengers of the plane is easy - drink milk and pumped. And what if the milk is over.

On Facebook, the story of the 24-year-old Filipino flight attendant Patrice organs has become viral.

The woman fed her own milk to the passenger’s baby, which had run out of baby food.

I was breastfeeding a baby stranger in flight. Yesterday I was put on a flight that was supposed to be a big step in my career. I was qualified as a flight attendant-appraiser.

Everything was calm until we took off, and I heard the cry of a baby - so piercing that you would be ready to do anything to calm you down.

I went to my mother to ask if everything was alright, but she said that she was out of milk. My heart sank. There was no milk on board. Besides that in my chest. I could offer it - and I did it.

The child ate greedily - he was really hungry. There was relief in her mother's eyes. I fed the baby until he fell asleep.

And then - accompanied him with his mother to the place. I was right. This flight has really become special. Not only because I got the qualification. But also because I was there where I really needed.

I was breastfeeding someone else's baby. Thank God for an incredible gift - mother's milk.

The stewardess herself recently married and gave birth to a little daughter. Her husband works with her as a local airline pilot.

In less than a day, the published post scored more than 100 000 preferences and 22000 are common among network users.

In the comments, users thank the woman for her kindness and admire her openness and sincerity:

“Beautiful, God bless you”, “Bravo, you are incredible”, “An incredible story where one mother helps another”, “I am amazed at your kindness”, “This is incredible. We need more such kindness and sincerity in the world "," Maternal deed, well done "

And now let's say that the stewardess was ill with HIV. What is she still kind, etc. I am amazed at such stupid mothers. HIV, by the way, is transmitted through blood, breast milk and sexually. Infected through saliva or household contact is impossible.

if you have a lot of poison, give it up for medical needs

Does a nursing mother work as a flight attendant? But what about the protection of motherhood and childhood? Or does she always have milk regardless of the birth and the presence of her own babies?

You are some kind of heartless man. Or do you have all the dignity in the muscles, and not in the heart gone?