How the toilet is arranged and where the toilet is in the plane, photo
How the toilet is arranged and where the toilet is in the plane, photo

How the toilet is arranged and where the toilet is in the plane, photo

On a long journey, it is important for a person to satisfy natural needs. For this reason, you always need to know where these institutions are located: a food point, a resting place and a toilet. Below you will find out the answers to the following questions: is there a toilet in the plane, where it is located, how it works and how to use it properly.

Where is the toilet on the plane?

If you are in flight more than 2 hours, then this question is extremely important for you. Different aircraft have different number of booths and their location:

  • In aircraft Boeing-737, A-230 and Tu-154 three toilets: two are in the tail, one - at the entrance to the aircraft.
  • In Boeing-767 five toilets: two between economy and business classes, one in the beginning, two in the middle of the economy class.
  • In Boeing-747 eleven toilets: two at the end and at the beginning of the aircraft, three toilets - on the second deck, four in the middle of the cabin.

Depending on the airline, airplane model and year of manufacture, the number of toilets and their location may vary significantly.

How is the toilet in the airplane?

Toilet in the airplane

To worry about the fact that the discharge of waste from the aircraft occurs as in a train, it is not worth it. On board the aircraft there are special tanks, where the toilet is washed off. For example, in Tu-154 there are tanks for the front toilet capacity of 115 liters and for the second one - for 280 liters, and in A-320 there is only one tank designed for 170 liters.

Cleaning the toilet of the aircraft

In various aircraft there are differences in the principles of work of the toilets:

  • In A-320, flushing water comes from the water supply system of the aircraft. With the help of vacuum, the refuse is poured into a special tank.
  • And in such aircraft as Boeing-737 and Tu-154, the sewage system is closed and recirculation type. Water is taken from a special tank, which is refueled immediately before the flight. When the waste is washed away, the filter does not release large particles, and the liquid that is filtered is sent to a repeated circle. Add chemicals to the tank to get rid of the odor and disinfect water. After landing, the waste is drained and taken out.

Toilet in the airplane

As you can see, the principle of toilet work in airplanes is different from the familiar to us toilet bowls, which, for example, you can see in the online store bought a plumber.

How correctly to use the toilet on board the aircraft?

Toilet in the airplane

There are several simple rules:

  1. The toilet is not allowed to use during take-off / landing.
  2. To flush was good, before using the toilet, it is better to put paper in it.
  3. First, lower the lid, then press the flush button.
  4. Gaskets and diapers in the provided urns.
  5. The toilet door can be opened with the handle outside, under the "LAVATORY" sign.
  6. Try to go to the toilet after 15 minutes after eating or for 10 minutes before, since after eating, as a rule, a large queue is formed.
  7. Do not use smoke and dangerous products, do not smoke, as smoke detection system can be used, and you will receive a fine (you can be taken off the plane and arrested).

Knowing where and how the toilet is placed in the airplane, you will feel comfortable during the flight.