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What is an electronic ticket?

What is E-ticket?


Who it is fairly common and have a convenient electronic ticket. What is elektronny ticket? It differs from the usual only in that the basic information, namely the tariff, the data on passenger and flight, as well as other necessary information in electronic form. In the conventional same data cell in Sketch paper ticket. All e-tickets are entered into a single database, and are recognized by a special number that is unique to each.


Advantages of electronic tickets

What better e-ticket, The usual paper? From e-ticket benefit to both sides as a carrier and a passenger. Passengers enjoy the following benefits on the acquisition of e-ticket:
1. simplified procedure for the purchase of tickets - agree that is easier to buy a ticket without having to leave the house, that is, through the Internet. You buy it yourself and there is no need to expect it a certain period.
2. There is no possibility of losing or forgetting a ticket - is a fairly good advantage for people scattered. All you need is to have a passport, and all other data in the register are transferred automatically.
3. Easy registration - You save time because you do not have to stand in a long line, all you need to acquire e-ticket, is to go through a simple registration, or via the Internet (go to the airline's website) or through stalls self registration.
4. Savings on the flight - Because you do not use the services of the airline ticket, the ticket price itself is significantly reduced.


How does the e-ticket Aeroflot?


How does the e-ticket Aeroflot? Now for the benefit of airlines: airlines have reduced periods of proceeds from tickets sold, as an undoubted advantage for airlines is that it reduces the number of personnel and the lack of the cost of consumables for the production of tickets.


What is the itinerary receiptTransaero?


How does the e-ticket Transaero? First of all, electronic tickets began to use the company's budget plan so called, low cost. For these airline e-ticket costs, the possibility of adhering to the low prices, and support sales through website.
1 2008 year in June, the Association of airlines (IATA) has forced all international companies to move to electronic form ticket (e-ticket). This change was made to reduce costs.


How does the e-ticket Orenburg airlines?

electronic ticket Orenburg Airlines


Such an initiative taken up by European and American airlines. In Russia, the electronic ticket is on a par with flights from paper. It is also possible reference travel that applies the legal framework.
Everyone has the desire to buy or book tickets for the flight required airlines. Having a ticket at a specified price, which makes it possible to forget the excitement that the city will not be able to issue the necessary flight carrier.

Do not forget check ticket reservation.

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