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Kaman K-MAX
Kaman K-MAX.

Kaman K-MAX


Kaman K-MAX - American civil helicopter ("flying crane"), which is designed specifically for the transportation of goods (weighing up to 2720kg) on ​​the outside of the suspension. The prototype produced KamanAircraft in 1991, 2007 in small-scale production continues. Built under the scheme synchropter traditional for Kaman, namely with two intersecting rotors.


Kaman K-MAX photo

Kaman K-MAX. Photo.

The company «Kaman» in 1980-e, which traditionally occupied a narrow niche of the supplier of anti-submarine helicopters and unable to compete on an equal footing with large aviation manufacturers, tried to gain a foothold in niche, narrow aviation equipment markets. In the last decade of the practical work of Kaman Charles, this was the market of "flying cranes". The construction of a flying crane practically from scratch, and not on an already existing platform would give an opportunity to increase the economy of the machine. The prototype KMAX took off shortly after leaving the position of the manager of Kamana in 1991, the first serial KMAX in January 1994.


Kaman K-MAX. Photo 2.

Kaman K-MAX. Photo 2.

Helicopter the overlap scheme, twin-screw, with tricycle landing gear and a gas turbine engine. Controlled horizontal and vertical tail, like an airplane. Single helicopter passenger cabin does not have, even for a second pilot seat. Narrow fuselage gives an excellent overview of the pilot, particularly in the rear direction of the load, which is suspended at the end of the cable.


Kaman K-MAX. Photo booths.

Kaman K-MAX. Photo booths.


Features helicopter Kaman K-MAX:


  • Crew: 1

  • Capacity: 2721kg

  • Length: 15,85m

  • Width: 15,67m

  • Fuselage length: 12,73m

  • Main rotor diameter: 14,73 m

  • Height: 4,14m

  • The area swept rotor: 340,9kv.m

  • The base chassis 4,27m

  • Track chassis 3,68m

  • Curb weight: 2334kg

  • The highest take-off weight: 2948kg

  • suspension: 5443kg

  • The volume of fuel tanks: 865l (+ 238,5l additional tank in the cargo hold)

  • The weight of fuel in internal tanks: 705kg

  • Powerplant: 1 × turboshaft HoneywellT5317A1

  • Take-off engine power: 1 × 1350l.s. (1 × 1007kVt)

  • The maximum permissible speed 185km / h

  • suspension: 148km / h

  • Practical range: 494km

  • suspension: 369km

  • Flight duration: 2ch41min

  • with an additional tank: 3ch41min

  • Ceiling: 4572m

  • Static ceiling:

  • using ground effect: 8020m

  • without the use of ground effect: 8875m

  • Rate of climb: 12,7m / s

  • The load on the drive: 17,2kg / sq.m

  • Thrust-to-weight ratio: 171,5Vt / kg



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