Kazan Motor-Building Production Association
Kazan Motor-Building Production Association

Kazan Motor-Building Production Association


KMPO (Kazan Motor-Building Production Association) - one of the largest Russian enterprises of machine-building and aviation industries, working in the city of Kazan. Located near the town of Aircraft in the area Motorostroiteley named in his honor, to the east of the village, the neighborhood Karavaevo streets Dementieva. Together with adjacent KAPO Gorbunov SP, it is one of the companies that make up the area.

The official date of foundation KMPO considered 1931 - the year of the creation of the Kazan Engine Plant (Plant) number 27 on the basis of the "Blaster" plant Voronezh Motor Plant number 16, transferred in 1941, in Kazan and combining with it a number of other plants in the "Plant number 16".

KMPO gas turbine engines

Modern activity of JSC KMPO

In 1997, the plant was organized motor release NC-93 design Kuznetsov ND for Tu-204, 96-Il, An-70, 2000 in the year - the engine AI-22 design. Muravchenko F. M for aircraft Yak-48 and Tu-324.

Since 1997 years conducted industrial and pilot operation of a gas turbine engine compressor NC 38ST pumping stations are intended for installation in the "Volga" gas-pumping unit GPA-16 and others.

Now the main activity of the company - the mass production of gas turbine engines (NK-16-18ST, NC 16ST, NC 38ST) and other equipment on their basis for the transfer and distribution of natural gas ( "Volga" GPA-16). More than 30 percent of the Russian gas transport streams operate on engines manufactured in KMPO. This is more than seven hundred gas pumping units across the country and neighboring countries.

Combining offers complete technical decisions in the field of energy: energy devices (GTEU - 18) to modify natural gas into heat and electricity.

At the beginning of the year 2009 factory has passed the next certification systems "GOST R" and "Military Register" for compliance with GOST R ISO standards 9001-2001 and 15.002-2003 PB.

The company manufactures for the city of Kazan Kremlin emblem symbol, drop tulips for the minarets of the mosque Kul Sharif and crescents and metal a unique multi-story scene in the form of Monomakh, stands for Millennium Square, the steeple-flagpole for the building of the Cabinet of the Republic of Tatarstan ministers and other ornaments and designs.

KMPO main building

social infrastructure

The first factory team in Kazan made his secondary farm - the farm "Ozerny" that the plan was to produce six to seven thousand quintals of meat, two hundred - three hundred tons of milk and other agricultural products. Also built a technical and physical-mathematical lyceum in 2006 year for employees was commissioned residential building.

The company today has a medical unit, a sanatorium, a swimming pool, recreation center "Atlashkino", library, recreation center "Motorostroitel" sports club.

In 1955, under the guidance of coach Vladimir Goldin hockey factory team has been created, which at first was called "Mashbud", and then for a long time, "SK Team them. Uritskogo. " Later on its basis it was established hockey club "Ak Bars" - a future champion Russia.

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Most likely it is the union headed by good leaders, knowledgeable specialists and simply caring about people, it is very cool all established. Apparently a lot of people have a stable income. and even their agricultural products. Well, you can be happy for people and wish prosperity to their unification.