State Enterprise "Antonov" is the largest aircraft building corporation in Ukraine.


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The current implementation requires a dynamic time in the life of the advanced ideas and technologies. It produces such products and markets "Antonov". It is named after its founder - the world famous aircraft DC Antonov.


During its existence within the walls of the OKB im. Antonov (later - State Enterprise "Antonov), more than a hundred types of transport, civil and specialized aircraft were developed and built. The "An" brand received a total circulation of more than 22 copies. The special pride of the enterprise is the creation and construction of aircraft of unprecedented dimensions - Ruslan and Mriya, which set 000 records in the history of world aviation. Now these planes have become the hallmark of the state-owned enterprise. In total, over 270 world records were set by the An aircraft.


History aircraft manufacturer has more than 60 years of fruitful activity. Today it is one of the few firms aircraft manufacturers with a complete production cycle - from preliminary laboratory research to the design, development, construction, testing, serial production and after-sales service.


Another pride of the company - highly skilled personnel. On the "Antonov" has about 12 000 employees and is 198 trades and professions. Scientific staff conducts research in the areas of 35, in particular rare, such as materials, avionics, thermal engineering, hydraulics, mechanics, strength and aerodynamics of the aircraft.


Main unit:

  • Experimental Design Bureau, is engaged in design, research, certification, support serial production of the aircraft.

  • The pilot plant, whose main task is to produce skilled experimental aircraft copies.

  • Finishing and flight test base, which are flight testing, debugging and certification of airplanes. Also, it is used for training pilots and engineering staff.

  • Service foremost experts on the projects.


Oleg K. Antonov

In addition to these structures, as part of "Antonov" also stand out:

1) air carrier "Antonov Airlines" - a company that provides cargo deliveries to all regions of the world;

2) a branch located in the Antonov serial plant, where the assembly of An aircraft is carried out.

The complex of these units can qualitatively realize the real airplanes idea designer.


Therefore, "Antonov" supplies the market with enough high-quality competitive products, including the development that allows partners to modernize the company's own aircraft.

The company has a wide geography of foreign partner companies in 76 the world, and is taking steps to improve the conditions of cooperation.




Date of foundation Experimental Design Bureau №153 - 31.05.1946. According to the Resolution CM MTEF and the Central Committee of the CPSU (b) it has been established at an aircraft factory in Novosibirsk and was led by Oleg K. Antonov, who was appointed chief designer.


EDO immediately given the task to develop the agricultural aircraft. He was given the name of An-2 and first flew 31.08.1947.


In summer, part of the OKB-153 relocated in Kyiv.


In 1953, the company commissioned a very difficult task - to create a military transport aircraft with two turboprop engines. As a result, the Antonov Design Bureau presented the AN-8. It was the first time flew 11.02.1956.


Developing a model of An and An-10-12 1955 company started in the year. 7.03.1957 was first raised in the air passenger An-10, 16.12.1957 and Irkutsk on the airfield took to the skies transport An-12.


Creation of the AN-14-153 forces OKB began in 1956, the first flight of this aircraft was made 14.03.1958.


For 1957-1959 years. Antonov Design Bureau issued a model passenger An-24, which first flew 20.10.1959.


In 1959, in the village of Gostomel, which is located in the Kiev region, began construction of a base for conducting flight tests and dovodok aircraft. 30 years later, there was prepared, which technical equipment does not concede eminent global aircraft manufacturers.


In 1960, in OKB-153 work began on the creation of the An-22 «Antey". It was the first practice in the history of world aviation building wide-body aircraft. The first "Antey" raised to the sky 27.02.1965.


In 1962 for the development of the An-12 designers were awarded the Lenin Prize, and DC Antonov was awarded the title of General Designer.


The staff of the company in the early 1970-ies drafted a multi-purpose aircraft AN-28, which made its first flight 29.01.1973.


Also in these years within the walls of the OKB-153 began work on the design of the first aircraft with turbofan powerplant - AN-72. The plane rose into the sky 31.08.1977. It became the basis for the development of the AN-74, which first flew 29.09.1983. In 1971 the collective bureau began work on creation of long-range heavy transport aircraft An-124 «Ruslan" and 24.12.1982 this car managed to lift into the air.

4.04.1984 died founder of DC Office Antonov. 15.05.1984 position of Chief Designer received the PV Balabuev. 19.10.1984 company became to bear the name DC Antonov.


In 1984 the city started work on creating a universal super-heavy transport aircraft An-225 «Mriya». The first flight of "Mriya" was held 21.12.1988. In May 1989-225 Mr. Ahn with the "Buran" on the external sling he spent flying over Baikonur, and in June of the same year visited the air show in Le Bourget. At the present time the plane executes orders on commercial cargo airline as part of "Antonov Airlines". This airline was founded as a division of ASTC. OK. Antonov was 1989


After you create the An-225, the team began to develop a transport model of the An-70. The first flight of this machine took 16.12.1994. At the same time it managed to build a multi-purpose light aircraft AN-38.

Antonov Design Bureau

In 1993, at the Antonov ASTC started work on a regional airliner An-140. Its first flight was conducted 17.09.1997.


In 2000-ies now created a new regional passenger aircraft An-148, which first flew 17.12.2004.


At present, work is underway to modernize the model of the An-158-178 in AN and the development of other aircraft.


Non-core products


ANTK "Antonov" at various times engaged in the development of non-core products. The most significant were the work in the field of land transport. Designers of the airline realized their ideas in the construction of a series of sports cars based on GAZ M-21 models "Volga" and "Moskvich-407". The new cars acquired the name "Kyiv-Sport". The car was equipped with a spatial frame, the material for which were thin-walled steel pipes. Car body panels made of aviation duralumin. In a different configuration, all were built 3 machines "Kiev-Sport". One of the cars, equipped with a gas-21 engine, managed to be maintained until now.


In 1980 the city, with great knowledge in the field of aerodynamics, the company's specialists have developed a carbon fiber bobsleigh beans that have been used by athletes of the USSR and Ukraine at the Winter Olympics in 1984 and 1994 years.


Also, the individual units involved in the development of promising carbon fiber bicycle frames. It bicycles with frames of Ukrainian Antonov athletes took the gold in the world championship of 1996


Also in the early 1990-ies, the company is developing for the creation of urban transport. In the factory "Aviant" has been transferred from the ASTC technical documentation trolley K12 "Kiev", which it began to produce commercially, the 2002


In a joint project, "Antonov" and luhanskteplovoz built prototype version of the low-floor trams with an aluminum body LT-10A, but the high cost is not allowed to start mass production of this model.

In 2014, the ASTC "Antonov" built armored vehicle, which was sent to the zone of the ATO.


Aircraft Antonov:



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