Clinical Hospital of Civil Aviation
Clinical Hospital of Civil Aviation

Clinical Hospital of Civil Aviation

In Moscow, on Ivankovskoye Highway, on an area of ​​more than eleven hectares, there is a huge multi-storey building of gray color. It housed a departmental hospital that serves Russian aviators. The Central Clinical Hospital for Civil Aviation is a renowned medical facility. Here work all the specialists of the therapeutic profile, who treat a variety of diseases. Here they conduct and outpatient admission, and diagnosis. There is an inpatient department and its own surgery.

Clinical Hospital of Civil Aviation photo

Clinical Hospital of Civil Aviation

On the basis of the institution operates a clinic, designed for 350 visits per shift. Then take highly qualified doctors. Diagnostic department boasts the most modern facilities. With such equipment to the "arms" of research and laboratory tests needed to diagnose the disease, leaving very little time.

Clinical Hospital of Civil Aviation

Clinical Hospital of Civil Aviation

Central Clinical Hospital of Civil Aviation It is located in an area that is surrounded by a forested area. Patients who are being treated in the hospital CDB can always go out for some fresh air. This contributes to a more rapid rehabilitation of patients. At the hospital there is a boarding house where they can stay, that is coming to the outpatient treatment, as well as close relatives or those who are treated in a hospital. There is a cafe, parking, pharmacy.

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Also in the huge hospital building are located twelve departments of higher educational institutions of the capital of the Russian Federation. Lectures, seminars, congresses, and master classes are regularly held in which leading experts in the field of medicine take part. Training activities cover a wide variety of relevant topics.


  • Ordinatorskoj Phone: (495) 490-02-76

  • Head of department: Dotsenko Pavel V.

  • Mobile phone. + 7 915 407-56-08

  • Contract Division: (495) 490-04-60