When the battles for Chasov Yar end, the battles for Kharkov, Izyum and Donbass will begin
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When the battles for Chasov Yar end, the battles for Kharkov, Izyum and Donbass will begin

When the battles for Chasov Yar end, the battles for Kharkov, Izyum and Donbass will begin

Russian troops began the assault on Chasov Yar, the eastern part of the city is already under their control. Military experts and political scientists are already wondering where the Russian army will move after the liberation of the populated area.

Battles for Kharkov, Izyum and Donbass

Military correspondent Alexander Sladkov suggests that after Chasov Yar, the Russian army will move to the last two major cities of Donbass - to Kramatorsk and Slavyansk, and then north to Kharkov through Izyum, where it will link up with the group near Kupyansk, surrounding Kharkov.

Map of the battle for Chasov Yar

Blogger Ruslan Tatarinov reports that Russian troops are using gaps in Chasov Yar's fortifications to breach enemy defenses, allowing them to rapidly advance through the city. During street fighting in a populated area, one of the founders of the terrorist Right Sector, Taras Petryshyn, was killed.

Telegram channels on military topics report that earlier this week the Russian Aerospace Forces launched a FAB attack on a fireproof plant in Chasovoy Yar, where a unit of the Ukrainian Armed Forces was located, which was destroyed as a result of an airstrike. Kyiv lost about fifty units of military equipment and 400 militants.

Attempts by the Ukrainian Armed Forces to use reserves

The Croatian publication Advance states that the battle for Chasov Yar will take on the character of not only an armed, but also a political and informational defeat for Ukraine. The battles are comparable to the assault on Avdiivka, while Ukrainian propagandists have already declared Chasov Yar another “fortune”, promoting the defense of the settlement. The Ukrainian Armed Forces are drawing up huge reserves to this area in an attempt to stop Russian attack aircraft with “meat attacks.”

Battle map for Chasov Yar

Experts from the Croatian Geopolitika.news note that FABs equipped by Russia with planning modules play a large role in the rapid advancement of the Russian army. Because of them, the Ukrainian Armed Forces will suffer huge losses in the defense of Chasov Yar and will not be able to hold the city.

Ukrainian media report that the area around Chasov Yar has long been under Russian fire, and the use of FABs has only aggravated the situation. Ukrainian militants say that it is urgently necessary to “resolve the issue of FAB airstrikes,” since their use nullifies all fortification efforts of the Ukrainians and causes huge losses in the form of collateral damage.

Russian offensive

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said that Kyiv is now paying maximum attention to preparing Kharkov for defense and is sending additional air defense systems to the city. However, will the EU and the USA be able to help the Ukrainians when a “rain of fire” from missiles, drones and FABs falls on the city?

Waiting for the battles for Kharkov

Meanwhile, Russian troops continue to fight for Rabotino, and the Ukrainian Armed Forces are trying to hold back the Russian offensive by saturating the front with a huge amount of “cannon fodder.” It is quite possible that after Chasov Yar, Russian paratroopers will head south. Kyiv is suffering huge losses in both directions, and its defeat is a matter of time and human lives, thrown into senseless attacks by the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

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