Kolomna National Centre for unmanned aircraft
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Kolomna National Centre for unmanned aircraft

Kolomna National Centre for unmanned aircraft


In Kolomna, Moscow Region, with 2009 has been successfully operating 924-th National Centre for unmanned aircraft Defense Ministry.  The center trains specialists for servicing and working with UAV complexes, both domestic and foreign. Also, the center of unmanned aircraft, is the base for testing all types of UAVs, before adopting them.

In the center are ready not only to military experts, but also specialists of the federal authorities, who have to work with these systems.

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In the center are trained:

  • The command structure of divisions of unmanned aircraft.
  • Flight Director.
  • Operators of data processing.
  • Senior management UAV operators.
  • Engineering the groups AO, REO group DM.
  • Technicians and mechanics complexes with UAVs.
  • Junior aviation specialists operators UAV systems.

Now training center division includes:

  • Management of the center.
  • The research unit responsible for military tests of all types of UAVs.
  • Training courses and retraining of professionals servicing systems.
  • The two training squadrons of UAVs.

Russian UAVs, where are they?

Wrong to assume that in Russia there are no domestic UAV development. They are, but certainly our developments in the field of military arms behind years 10, in the days of the notorious perestroika and 90-ies.

Nevertheless, UAVs, short and medium range work on all the latest exercise, held in the Russian Federation. UAV successfully produced by the domestic industry.

And despite the large backlog of American, European and Israeli systems, our developers, in conjunction with the Ministry of Defense, to develop criteria for the creation of the complex impact of UAVs. Developed and approved by the Ministry of Defense, the terms of reference for the production of reconnaissance and strike complexes. Domestic aviation industry reduces the gap in this kind of aircraft. It created several prototypes shock drones. Some of them have already entered the test cycle, but a series of major military talk is premature.

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On the Ural Works of Civil Aviation, under license to produce two types of UAVs. One was called "outpost", he refers to an easy class. The second - "Outpost", is the only one in the armed forces of the Russian Federation, which takes off and sits on an aircraft. The contract for production was signed with the Israeli company Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd. The agreement was signed by the Russian military in 2010, when the gap in this area has become apparent.

Pilots or gamers?

The US military, in the preparation of complexes UAV operators, before the candidates were selected from among the former pilots. Currently, train the most advanced gamers. And faced with many problems, including moral and ethical. It is primarily concerned with the operators strike complexes, whose "wards" work in actual combat conditions, striking at the enemy.

In our center, we have gone the traditional route. The operator direct control of the flight of the aircraft, is made of the number of people with experience in actual flight.


Now, for the most efficient management of complex intelligence UAV, efforts must be made three experts.

  • The technician or mechanic. It prepares the unit for the flight, and launch a.
  • The operator directly control the aircraft, its flight.
  • Operator onboard equipment control. Responsible for the selection and use of intelligence.

It is the training of these specialists is mainly based Kolomna Center.

Soldiers from the number of selected and tested, pass a theoretical course. After passing the tests commence training on the simulator. The third stage consists of the actual operations at the site. The entire stage of preparation of experts passes for 2 - 2,5 months.

Our - will

Let's hope that soon in the 924 center, there will be the most "advanced" unmanned systems, the Russian development. Which can fill all empty niches in this type of weapon. 


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