Compensation for flight delays
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Compensation for flight delays

Compensation for the delay.


Quite often we have to meet the flight delays, and if you are this has not yet faced, the time will come when run. In air transport is frequent. Thanks to the care of the authorities, there is a kind of punishment for the airline for any flight delays, which is independent of carriers. In addition to the usual services provided by the passenger can receive the money and compensation for the delay.

Documentation required for financial compensation.


What would receive financial compensation for the delay, first of all, there should be a claim that is sent directly to the company, which had to be carried out flight. It claims it will be necessary to attach the following documents:

- Airport tickets marked on the flight is delayed, you may give help, but make sure that it is certified by airport staff immediately

- Do not throw away receipts! You will need to provide a document about your expenses to these checks will be carried out compensation.

It is important to remember that your claim to the airline will be considered in accordance with the Russian legislation. These rules also apply to carriers from abroad who carry out transportation on the territory of Russia. If the transfer voyage was made outside of Russia, all proceedings will be conducted in accordance with the laws of that country.


Delay and Compensation in Europe.


The European Union on its territory regulates such relations by means of specific provisions, which is located at number 261 fraction 2004v according to the EU Council and the European Parliament. Compensation will accordingly depend on the distance of the flight, because it depends on the delay time. In accordance with such rules, payment for that flight is delayed, will be produced, but in varying degrees and material payment may vary.

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Delay and Compensation in Russia.

According to Article 126 Air Code of the Russian Federation, for six months from the moment of arrival, every passenger has the right to submit claims. You can apply in person or by means of a registered letter, which will include all the necessary documents. Your application must accept for consideration during 30 days of the filing.

It is best to make a copy of the application and filed all the documents that could confirm her departure. What for? Because if you can ignore file a lawsuit to the court, which will need to provide these documents. For the submission of documents to the court you need to provide the following documents:

  1. Copies of the ticket with the indicators of the flight delays, the cancellation mark
  2. Document confirming accommodation, if available
  3. Phone bills, food and other
  4. Claim to the airline in writing and answers with airlines
  5. The application (claim)


Charter, as well as scheduled flights (fixed delay).

Not a few people wonder about whether there is a difference in protecting the rights if the flight was delayed by charter or scheduled flights. The first thing you need to understand the terminology.

    What is a charter flight? A charter flight is a charter contract that is provided between the carrier and the tour operator. Such flights do not provide a fixed flight schedule, the accuracy of which ranges from 3 to 5 hours. The bulk of directly tourist flights use this method, still it can be called "beach". The tour operator will be able to help you purchase a ticket for a charter flight; in other air agencies you will not be able to find tickets for such flights. It is also important that the tour operators themselves do not have an interest in carrying out the sale of tickets separately. It will be more profitable to sell tickets in a complex form for a trip, even if it is not too expensive.

Now for the regular flights. Regular flightsopposite charter and carried out according to a fixed schedule at the respective basis, namely the year. There are corresponding instructions about sales and reservations or refusal of registration of the trip, with whom you have an opportunity to make acquaintance at the checkout. Mezhpravitelnnoe agreement makes regulation of all types of international flights.

Now directly the ticket. Airline tickets referred to a contract between the airline and the passenger privozchikom. In the contract the airline is obliged to deliver a passenger and his luggage to the designated location at a specified time, while ensuring safety. The passenger agrees to pay for services provided by the airline.

   According to the Air Code, the responsibility for any delays or flight cancellations borne by airlinesRegardless of what a flight. (Charter or regular). Then in terms of payments between charter and scheduled flight, the difference does not exist. When flight delays airline and only airline will be obliged to pay compensation or provide certain services for the delay.

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I want to express my opinion and forward the claim of the company Aiflay! To be honest, I was disappointed completely and the worst airline company I do not know. 16 July was unable to fly a family of 4 people from Yekaterinburg Koltsovo to Sochi by I4 1001 flight, two delays total time 21 hour was knocked out, especially without explaining the reasons and with the loss of my money at the Pearl Hotel for the amount of 16660 rub, because 16 July We did not get to the hotel, but only 17 July brought us your "wonderful" company in Adler. I will sue and demand compensation for damage, I want to note that I purchased tickets not from the travel agency and not under the contract, and on your site only air tickets. Nobody told me that the flight could be delayed for so long, and without a refund of monetary compensation. Therefore, all the information at the airport I collected, ticket stubs are, clearance of the day at the hotel is. Prepare for court, careless my carriers! By the way, back 24 July also had to get out of nerves, with it already before the deadline, again the loss of time for rest in the hotel, a few hours earlier for some reason and another company. You really better get out of the air transportation market if you do not know how to work with dignity! I'm waiting for explanations and apologies ...

I do not often use the services of airlines, but read the article carefully, suddenly come in handy. It is clearly stated how to proceed in a situation with a delay of flights in Russia and in Europe. Conveniently, that lists all the documents for submission to the court.

I do not often use the services of airlines, but read the article carefully, suddenly come in handy. It is clearly stated how to proceed in a situation with a delay of flights in Russia and in Europe. Conveniently, that lists all the documents for submission to the court.

One day there was a flight delay. For a long time there was no plane at the airport protorchali a long time, remembering nasty. Turning to the company's claim, we are given, as it is written in the article, documents, namely checks and tickets. All we offset and perhaps we were just lucky with the airline because many acquaintances and have not achieved anything in such situations.