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AOPA-Russia Conference. Problems Caller ID

AOPA-Russia Conference. Problems Caller ID


Interregional public organization of pilots and citizens-owners of the aircraft.


The main objective of "RAOPA", enshrined in its Charter - the satisfaction and protection of legitimate common interests and rights of its members, to promote the development and implementation of measures aimed at protecting the rights and economic interests of general aviation in Russia.


October 31 2015 year, Volzhanka airport in the Kalinin region, near the city of Tver, hosted the annual 9 Interregional Conference AOPA Russia.

The conference was attended by Federal Information Portal Analyst Valery Smirnov.


If you move away from officialdom and the standard phrases about who spoke and what he said, it may be noted that the conference was very constructive and businesslike.

AOPA-Russia Conference

Photo: Ruben performs Aghanbegyan. From left to right: President and Chairman of the Board of AOPA-Russia Vladimir Tyurin, Director of AOPA Andrey Tyurin, secretary of the board.


It flew to the conference and came a lot of players. Heads of regional offices across the country, helicopter, glider, the chairmen of the regional offices of DOSAAF, managers and owners of aerodromes and sites. All gathered to discuss the problems of small aircraft in Russia. We were pleased with the success of colleagues, to analyze the causes of failure. It was a meeting of like-minded people, friends, good friends.

Among flown were great guests from Moscow. It was Ruben Aganbegyan - a member of the Commission for small aircraft of the President of the Russian Federation, and Andrei Shnyrev Deputy Director of the Department of state policy in the field of Civil Aviation Ministry of Transport.

The meeting was pleasant and meaningful in every sense. We opened two new regional offices: This Murmansk regional branch, its head Vitaly Krishkevich and Stavropol branch with warm Sergey headed.


AOPA-Russia 11 has regional offices across the country.


New was also the award "Our Wings", with multiple nominations of "Golden Wings" and "Silver Wings."

With the assistance of AOPA created and maintained a much needed service The Service contains information on airfields and sites in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Constantly added new data landing sites and airfields small aircraft. Now they are already there 1300, 2100 heliports. Monthly added about 100 sites, and the ranks of the AOPA pouring 90 before the new pilots.

Members of the organization have privileges on the ground ANI may acquire avionics for aircraft and other aircraft at cost.

 One of the most important activities of the organization of pilots and owner of the Sun, is to promote the use of trackers, which can be purchased at cost. A tracking service Sun ANI flights using GPS trackers have more than once rescued airmen in critical situations.

AOPA-Russia Conference 5

The most striking example of extreme human salvation using tracker-rescue helicopter pilot is a pilot Sergei Ananova. He was alone on the R-22 light helicopter made the circumnavigation flight. Almost at the final stage of the journey, due to technical problems, it splashed down the helicopter on the way to Greenland. When his friends in Moscow and found that the mark tracker stopped, and saw strange readings, they were the first to sound the alarm. As a result of their actions, it has notified Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker which as a result and took Sergey with the iceberg.

 Another activity of this public organization was co pilots owners of aircraft and helicopters from the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations rescue service. More than 100 lost people, during this year has not yet ended, thank AON Russian pilots. In many regions, the enthusiasts who have any aircraft on duty on their sites ready to fly to any square of their home area on the first call from the 112 service.

Often calls 112 directly transferred to the cab already taken off an airplane or helicopter. Pilots are detached on the ice, lost in the forest, people caught in other emergencies. Finding "poteryashek" pilots themselves or saving people (if possible), or inform the exact coordinates GPS CompassIn which subsequently MES running. There were cases when pilots at the impossibility of landing detection, with ultra-low dumped container heights with the necessary for survival.

The pioneer of this voluntary service, and now and coordinator, is a pilot with great experience Alexander Mikhailov (Board member of the AOPA), known in aviation more like a boatman. He flew many times at night and in adverse weather conditions on a quest and become a professional in this business, though not an employee gos.sluzhb. All on a voluntary basis. Many pilots follow his example.

AOPA-Russia Conference 232

Pilot rescue, board member of the AOPA Sergei Mikhailov (Boatman), shares his experiences flying in difficult conditions.


Largely due to the Commission under the President, this year it was possible not to worsen the situation of small aircraft in our country.

All sorts of committees and officials of the Ministry of Transport and Federal Air Transport Agency, public commissions, spurred by incompetent private media constantly try to carry out lobbying and law, which are capable of practically "down to earth" Caller ID. Around the small aircraft creates an unhealthy excitement. Every disaster or accident exaggerated and savored, which creates a negative impression on most people far from the aircraft at all. Whereas positive aspects are simply ignored.

 Small aircraft in any civilized country, it is not a whim of a handful of new rich fattening, it is a huge benefit in many sectors of the economy, which in our country was offered at all times. No need to reinvent the wheel, it is enough just to be not to interfere with the development of the necessary and useful civil aviation industry.

All soft landings.


Sergei Ananov pain in the ass

The helicopter pilot, single-handedly tried to circumnavigate the flight on a light helicopter Sergey Ananov. In the hands of Sergei holds received from AOPA award "pain in the ass." He spoke of his war with the bears of the iceberg.



The legendary Yak-12m restored by enthusiasts. Many remember his brother in the film "The Last Inch"


Aeroprakt A-22

Aeroprakt A-22


Helicopter uvozyaschih Ruben Aganbegyan and Andrew Shnyreva. Many more cases.

Helicopter uvozyaschih Ruben Aganbegyan and Andrew Shnyreva. Many more cases.



Rare aircraft Yak-30, Greetings from the Soviet Union. Piloted by Maxim Milon its owner, restored to flying condition of the car.


Piper Aztec Vadim Kuzmin.

Piper Aztec Vadim Kuzmin.



Valery Smirnov specifically for

Valery Smirnov


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