counterinsurgency aircraft
counterinsurgency aircraft

counterinsurgency aircraft


The term "counterinsurgency aircraft" is commonly understood as an assault aircraft for special purposes, whose main task is to fight against the guerrilla forces of the enemy.

The history of the formation of specialized counterinsurgency attack aircraft

Fighting exploitation of older aircraft

At the end of 40-ies of the last century there was a sharp activation of liberation movements that took place in the colonies of the European countries. The most massive confrontation occurred in East Asia, Latin America and Africa.

To strangle the opposition, it was necessary to act decisively. Counterinsurgency war carried out with the use of attack aircraft. It should be noted that the guerrilla movement in the backward countries is sufficient at the time did not have the artillery, which could resist the attacks of the planes. In 40-50-e and f of the last century with this task effectively cope bombers and attack aircraft with piston engines.

With the advent of aircraft jet engine type were also tested its capabilities in the conduct of battles with the guerrillas, but as it turned out, they were ineffective. The disadvantages of jet aircraft to carry out these missions were:

  • very high speed flight, making it difficult to conduct aimed fire on the enemy forces, it was almost impossible to carry out maintenance of helicopters because of their low speed;

  • such aircraft require considerably more on service than piston counterparts;

  • not enough time in the air that do not allow even patrolling designated areas.

Thus, priority was given to a piston apparatus. US Army to 60-ies used as counterinsurgency aircraft attack aircraft under the designation A-36 Apache. The modified version of the aircraft used and the army of El Salvador up to 1974 years.

When anti-guerrilla movements in the Vietnam War the US Air Force used two types of stormtroopers. The first of these was severe and designated as Douglas A-26, and the second light attack aircraft Douglas A-1.

Production of a new generation of counterinsurgency aircraft

Light attack

Starting with 1963 years, the command of the US Army announced a competition for the best design of the aircraft to conduct counterinsurgency war. The main task was to replace obsolete machinery and to achieve significantly better combat performance. For the development of the car program was created with the designation of COIN, which was engaged in the design and manufacture of the object, called Counter-insurgency aircraft, which means counterinsurgency aircraft.

Military requirements for a new car:

  • low cost and low-cost maintenance;
  • cabin for two pilots, made in tandem version;
  • an opportunity to make the takeoff and landing at a distance of 240 meters;
  • the ability to operate on aircraft carriers and ground airfields in the development requirement of basing the ship was canceled by the customer;
  • a great opportunity to review;
  • the ability to take off with snow and water by installing the appropriate type of chassis;
  • the minimum flight on patrol should reach 2 hours.

The winner of the program at the end of summer, he became 1964 aircraft designation OV-10 Bronco, which manufactured the company North American Aviation. The first baptism of fire took place in the summer of aircraft 1968 years in Vietnam.

Creating a light attack aircraft OV-10 for the counterinsurgency war has pushed the majority of the advanced countries of the world to the creation of such aircraft. The next aircraft of this type was created by Argentinean designers in 1966 year, he was designated as the FMA IA 58. Military applications was carried out armies of Sri Lanka and Colombia.

Heavy attack

To create a heavy attack aircraft was used by the transport plane type Douglas C-47, is an analogue of the domestic Li-2. On the basis of the transport unit has been created to attack the designation AC-47 Spooky. The basis of weapons were three machine guns with a caliber of 7,62 mm. They were first tested in Vietnam. Attack aircraft became more perfect car AC-119G Shadow, which was prepared on the basis of the transport model Fairchild C-119. Manufactured this machine 1968 year, he had fewer guns, but much more armor and navigational equipment for night flying.

Then it became clear that such an attack is to have greater impact strength. Because of this, a converted aircraft C-130 Hercules with guns mounted designated AC-130. Also 4 machine guns, and it was equipped with four guns caliber 20 mm. It is quite powerful and successful development, because some modifications are in service today.

Other countries need to mention the works of the Italians, which was presented to the world 2012 counterinsurgency attack designation MC-27J, which is designed based on aircraft Alenia C-27J.

Developments CCCR and Russia

The active development of attack aircraft in the Soviet Union began with only 70-ies. It was in these years leading OKB country presented their model, namely the Su-25, IL-102 and Yak-38. Yet it was jet machines that do not meet the requirements of counterinsurgency aircraft.

With 1978, it began production of attack aircraft with piston engine based training machines Yak-52. Combat use was carried out in Afghanistan, the attack was designated Yak-52B, he was under the wings of the block UB 2-32 missile. In operation, it was found out that the plane was ineffective, since the conduct of the fire unstable. This project ceased to fund and develop in 1983 year.

At the time of the Soviet collapse and it has not been manufactured quality counterinsurgency aircraft. Salese for kontrpatizanskoy fight in the North Caucasus has not produced a similar attack aircraft model. Russia does not have and now own counterinsurgency aircraft.

The current situation

Due to the emergence of a large number of unmanned most of the tasks of conducting the war kontrpatizanskoy they have undertaken. Yet the aircraft without a pilot have a number of shortcomings in the performance of such missions. That is why the relevance of stormtroopers counterinsurgency is now.

Recent global developments counterinsurgency assault aircraft:

  • US 2015 year provided the aircraft Archangel Border Patrol Aircraft.
  • South Africa - in 2014 year flew their plane Ahrlac.
  • Turkey introduced a year 2013 attack TAI Hürkuş.
  • Serbia - 2013 year, UTVA Kobac.
  • Italy - in 2012 was ready to assault the aircraft MC-27J.
  • Brazil - in 1999, the first flight was made Embraer EMB 314.



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