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A new kind of urban transport



Although, strictly speaking, its layout is not entirely new form of transport. According to this scheme tiltrotor.


tiltrotor- Aircraft with thrusters (as a rule, screw), which on takeoff and landing work as lifting and horizontal flight - like pulling; with lift provided by the wing of the airplane type. Typically, motors rotate with the screw, but can only turn the screws.



Konvertoplanov long been engaged in aircraft designers in many countries. Further design and prototyping business, as a rule, do not go. There were a lot of difficulties with the wing rotation units with motors or engines with propellers themselves separately.

Suffice it to recall the famous designs konvertoplanov.

A new kind of urban transport: model, photo, video1


This so-called tilt-rotor tiltrotor Bell XV-3. Tiltrotor is built upon the company Bell for testing the basic components and screws turning mechanisms.

Conventionally tiltrotor divided into two types: with rotary wing, where engines are installed with screws (tiltwing), and tiltrotor tilt-rotor (tiltrotor).

A new kind of urban transport: model, photo, video2


Modern tiltrotor joint development Bell\Agusta BA609. Several accidents have occurred in recent years, delaying the launch of promising tiltrotor into production.

A new kind of urban transport: model, photo, video3


The world's only commercially available tiltrotor (tiltrotor) firms Bell V-22 Osprey. Development continued over 30 years. Now V-22 Is armed Marine Corps and the US Navy.

In the Soviet Union, too, has not paid attention to this topic. In 1972 year Mil. ML Mil Mi-30 project was created. Multipurpose tiltrotor, was called upon in the future to replace the ubiquitous Mi-8. As the power plant we have used all the same engines that are installed on the Mi-8, TV3-117. But vintoplan (as it was called in the USSR) Mi-30 never advanced beyond design studies. The collapse of the USSR, securely buried promising project.

A new kind of urban transport: model, photo, video4


Driving vintoplana Mi-30 (USSR).


TriFan 600

And now, the American designers of the company XTI Aircraft developed a commercial 6 and local (5 + pilot) TriFan 600 convertor. The device will have three turbo-engines Honeywell Aerospace HTS-900. Two of them will be fastened on the leading edge of the bearing wing, on a fork-like fastening. Such a fastening will allow the fan in the ring fairing to rotate, providing the desired mode. The third rotary fan is located behind the passenger cabin, similar to the air-cushion discharge rotor of the ship. The stern rotor will provide the necessary thrust on the takeoff and landing mode. When moving to a horizontal flight, the third rotor will be closed with a special shield.

A new kind of urban transporta5


Manufacturers of new technology position it as a means of transportation for business people, for senior managers, for people who value their time. In the cabin convertible can comfortably accommodate 4 person in the chairs facing each other, the fifth passenger will take a seat next to the pilot. Tiltrotor should successfully combine the advantages of a helicopter and an airplane. Sufficient speed (640 km / h) and range up to 2575 km can become very attractive for businessmen for quick travel on business trips. Takeoff and landing on the helicopter, gives additional advantages for the use of the apparatus in the city. For take-off and landing, it is enough simply to have a solid platform of a certain size. It can be a lawn of a country house and a roof of a business center or a skyscraper where there are already helipads.

A new kind of urban transporta8


Flight tests TriFan 600 plan to spend next summer. For the full completion of the project and design work requires serious funding. According to various estimates this amount 400-450 million. Dollars. Certification presumably can be passed only through 6 years.



The new aircraft can be used for emergency assistance for tourism (not cheap), in business trips. The sale of the unit will go for the price of $ 10-12 million.. But as long as manufacturer is looking for investors to continue work on the perspective view of urban transport.

A new kind of urban transporta6


A new kind of urban transporta8

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