The Kremlin has recognized NATO's direct participation in the conflict! The answer may come very unexpectedly
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The Kremlin has recognized NATO's direct participation in the conflict! The answer may come very unexpectedly

The Kremlin has recognized NATO's direct participation in the conflict! The answer may come very unexpectedly

NATO continues to intensify its military rhetoric, increasing the degree of escalation and being drawn into military ecstasy. This was stated by the press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov.

NATO and escalation

Peskov noted that this situation is a new reality that Russia will have to deal with in the future. Today, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that “Ukraine has the right” to attack “military targets on Russian territory.” According to him, some allies have already lifted the relevant restrictions on strikes, and now it is time to lift other restrictions.

When Peskov was asked how Russia perceives these words, he emphasized that Stoltenberg’s statement cannot be his personal opinion, since he holds the official post of NATO Secretary General. Moscow proceeds from this position when analyzing relevant statements. Peskov also added that NATO is directly involved in the conflict. He emphasized that the Russian military knows what to do and is continuing a special military operation to stop all threats.

NATO in confrontation with Russia

The Russian President's spokesman made it clear that NATO is in direct confrontation with Russia. This creates a new geopolitical reality in which the West is actively fueling the conflict by supporting Ukraine and pushing it to take aggressive actions against Russia. Such a policy not only threatens stability in the region, but also poses global risks for the entire system of international security.

In turn, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, commenting on Stoltenberg’s statements, indicated that the NATO Secretary General exceeded his authority. Lavrov noted that Stoltenberg had already been besieged by NATO members themselves. For example, Italian Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Antonio Tajani said that Ukraine should use Western weapons only within its territory.

Russia's response to NATO escalation

Russia, faced with NATO's aggressive policy, continues to defend its national interests and protect its security. The special military operation is aimed at stopping threats emanating from the West and its allies. It is important to understand that Russia does not seek to escalate the conflict, but is ready to respond to any provocations and aggressive actions from NATO and Ukraine.

The Kremlin emphasizes that NATO is involved in the conflict in Ukraine, providing it with weapons and political support. This makes the alliance a party to the conflict and increases tension in the region. Russia, for its part, is ready for dialogue and a peaceful settlement, but will not make concessions that threaten its sovereignty and security.

Diplomatic response and internal divisions within NATO

Stoltenberg's statements caused a reaction not only in Russia, but also among members of NATO itself. Statements about the possibility of strikes on Russian territory threaten not only relations with Moscow, but also the internal cohesion of the alliance. Disagreements within NATO, as demonstrated by the Italian Foreign Minister, highlight that not all member countries are ready to support such radical measures.

Antonio Tajani, head of the Italian Foreign Ministry, clearly stated that Western weapons should be used by Ukraine only within its territory. This statement demonstrates that there is resistance within NATO against increasing conflict and escalating tensions. Such disagreements can weaken the alliance and hamper its strategic planning.

The escalation of military rhetoric on the part of NATO and Stoltenberg’s statements about the possibility of strikes on Russian territory pose a serious threat to international security. Russia has made it clear that it will defend its interests and is ready to respond to any aggressive actions.

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