The collapse of the biplane "Argosy".
The collapse of the biplane "Argosy".

wreck biplane "Argosy".

1933 year. As a result of the collapse of the biplane "Argosy" 15 people died.

When the aircraft was just beginning its development, the most common type of accidents were wrecked aircraft in the sky, and sometimes on the ground before take-off. The very first clash of ships was registered in the year 1922. Aircraft "De Hevilend DH 18» and «Farman" made flight on a collision course over the railroad tracks. Unfortunately, the height was the same, they encountered near Paris. As a result, the crash killed seven people.

Nevertheless, breakage often occurs in the sky. Most of the world's airlines to annually make unscheduled landing, the worst technical problem is engine failure. Weighing all this, developers began to produce twin-engine aircraft in the hope that the number of air accidents is significantly reduced, but to no avail. The only thing that is capable of two motors when the engine failed, so it is to slow down the rate of fall.

Seizing the little air situation emergence of three-engine aircraft. If one of the engines, the vessel can continue to fly safely, but it is specifically weakened aerodynamics, in the cockpit sounds were very loud. Crepe third engine on the fuselage, the total power and capacity of a much increased.

Just so it's safe by the time the ship was the subject of sabotage.

It was one of the first disasters, the collapse of which the perpetrator is considered a bomb on board. It was the collapse of the "Argosy" - a biplane that flew in the direction of Brussels-London in March 28 1933 years. Transports it 15 people.

The collapse of the biplane "Argosy".

The day was cold and windy. the pilot's cabin was open and Lionel Lilje (captain of the ship), so as not to freeze, scarf tied tighter and tighter drew a leather helmet. Easy rocking boat to climb. The course is held with confidence, and the pilot was mentally house.

In those years, to carry out the flight necessary factor had to be courage, confidence, since the aircraft was considered a novelty in the media promotion.

When the ship was got, workers left their employment and surprised looking at the biplane that flew.

The collapse of the biplane "Argosy".

Then the peasants saw a shocking image that shocked one and all. It all started with the smoke cloud from the cabin door behind him was a heavy fire, and the ship went down. It can be said, it was falling apart. After the biplane was on the ground, people immediately rushed to the crash site. They saw a terrible picture, the pilot lying on the ground, his body was disfigured beyond recognition.