Crash in small aircraft. Measures that should be accepted.
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Crash in small aircraft. Measures that should be accepted.

Crash in small aircraft. Measures that should be accepted.

Dozens of air crashes, accidents, crashes, hard and emergency landings involving light-engine aircraft took place across the globe on a daily basis. According to experts, an absolute "champion" this is the US, where the day takes place at several of accidents, including those resulting in death, which naturally negates the very concept of air transport security.

To date, experts have developed a few basic concepts to ensure the flight safety of light-aerial vehicles, and, according to preliminary opinions in the case if you stick to these rules, the number of accidents in small aircraft can be reduced by 40-60%, thus saving tens and hundreds lives a year.

Permanent repair, maintenance, inspection units and units of aircraft - all this is the simple truth, leading to maximum safety of air transport, however, in ideal conditions to achieve this is almost impossible, because not all owners of aircraft and helicopters are in the process of maintenance and inspection aircraft with full responsibility.

Domestic and foreign experts agree in one single opinion - it is the state that must constantly monitor the serviceability of aircrafts, and the safety of flights in small aircraft will depend on how tightly it is controlled. Unfortunately, it is quite problematic to control all aircrafts, however, it is possible to achieve this by increasing the responsibility, and it is important to note that it is worthwhile to check the current state of aircraft at least once a year - ideally every 3 month. In the event that at any point the aircraft is in doubt, its operation should be prohibited, at least until the current problems are eliminated, and a common aircraft base should be maintained, since only in this case it is possible to provide quality control for Transport of aircraft, and take into account possible violations.

Experts do not rule out that even with such a tight control violations will still be observed, however, is likely to pay attention to the penalties and measures system, in particular in the case of any violations, the pilot can simply deny a license, and if repeated situation should raise the issue of confiscation of the aircraft.

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