Steep peak of Ukraine.
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Steep peak of Ukraine.

Steep peak of Ukraine.

The situation in the civil aviation of Ukraine is very hot, and the main reason for this was the introduction of two dozen Russian air carriers to the “black list”, which air travel to the territory of Ukraine is closed. Experts have an opinion that after the cooperation between civil and aviation between the two countries, which has been established with difficulty, the authorities try to bury it all under a large number of unnecessary prohibitions, sanctions, etc. However, apparently, the unfavorable situation is only gaining momentum, which naturally can be harmful not only to Russian air carriers, as well as passengers intending to follow air routes between the two states, but in fact, Ukraine itself.

The tension of the situation began to celebrate last week, when the first information that the Ukrainian authorities have made most of the Russian air carriers in their "black list", and if initially it did not cause any concern, then a few days later it was reported that that the Ukrainian side intends to ban flights to two Russian air carriers, in particular, here are subject statements such as "Aeroflot" and "Transaero", which naturally led to a number of grievances.

It is very naive to believe that such conduct official Kiev will be left without due attention from the authorities of the Russian Federation, and the response to these actions followed literally within a few days, with the government of the Russian Federation did not aggravate the situation, and just introduced a response, the so-called "mirror "Sanctions against the same number of Ukrainian air carriers.

The fact that Ukraine has imposed sanctions rather spontaneously, makes think about the fact I do not falls into whether the country is in a very steep dive, which could lead to very serious and unpredictable consequences for the civil aviation consequences, and, according to experts, there are several basic options for the future developments:

  • Given the fact that the "mirror" measures Russia will have a much greater influence on Ukraine, he will have to settle the conflict, which is why sanctions against Russian and Ukrainian air carriers will be removed before the actual entry into force of the ban on the overcoming of airspace;
  • There will be an escalation of the conflict, which is why the problem of civil aviation will take to the geopolitical level, in connection with which the Russian airline will fly to Ukraine and through its territory, as Ukrainian flights shedule will not be able to fly to Russia and also to carry out flights over the territory of the Russian Federation;
  • Ukraine will be able to clarify the reason for imposing sanctions on Russian air carriers, and if the ban on flights will indeed be justified, quite possibly, Ukrainian sanctions can partially preserved, and Russia will lift its;

The most desirable is of course the first option of further developments, however, is likely to take place will be the escalation of the conflict, which finally will drive the civil aviation of Ukraine in a very difficult position, thus depriving the country of much of its currently existing routes, as well as opportunities further development of the entire aviasfery.

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