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Who will voice the word for the Mi-28 and Mi-24 pilots?
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Who will voice the word for the Mi-28 and Mi-24 pilots?

Who will voice the word for the Mi-28 and Mi-24 pilots?


The New Year's Eve is always a holiday, beautiful and one of the most long-awaited, our people meet it in high spirits. To my great regret, not always and not at all it comes true, as this time in the pilots of the base of Khmeimim in Syria, when 31 December they immediately fell on two griefs:

1. Accident of helicopter Mi-24 for technical malfunction with the death of pilots, the technician was alive, but his legs were broken.

2. 31 December 2017, militants shelled a base of mortars and "death of two helicopter pilots" (RIA Novosti).



On the shelling of the base in the media - there are a lot of articles to this day, and in various details, with assumptions to prevent such a continuation. For example, I found several such articles on one page at a time: "According to Khmeimim: who, what, and why shoots at the airbase. Russia in Syria "; "The bombardment of Khmeimim revealed gaps in the" second ring "of defense"; "Syria: bombarding the air base of Khmeimim and reaction to it"; "What kind of weapon could be attacked by the base of Khemeymim?"; "The Russian airbase in Syria was fired upon by a" stunted "Islamist grouping" (Military Review *).

And our President: "Putin about the two dead in Syria:" terrorists will STRONGLY regret it ... "(08.01.2018 Yandex., Zen).

There is no doubt that the President will take tough measures against these militants and will beat them to any hunt to attack the base of Khmeimim. In this regard, I have a question:

"Why does he also not react strongly to the protection of the same pilots, so that they will not perish in the falling helicopters because of their poor design quality (Mi-28N) or old age (Mi-24)?

Mi-28N began to fall right after they were received by our Air Force. Since 2009, according to open sources, there have been six "hard landing", which resulted in the death of four combat pilots. Now one more tragedy is more (Mi-24) and two more combat pilots were lost, but the most insulting thing is that for them to say: "STRONGLY will regret it": UNKNOWN!

Of the above-mentioned helicopter drops, only a couple of helicopters were to be repaired, the rest - they can not be repaired. Putting Mi-28N into service, as an excuse, it was claimed that it is much cheaper than Ka-50, and we are poor? Today, its value is equal to Ka-52 and to the delight of the enemies, it slowly, but surely, impoverishes the state budget with its "hard landing". Can it really be ordered by the US?

The blow of the Russian "Crocodile": spectacular shots from the cabin


The cost of it with the Kamov helicopters equalized, but the maneuverability and reliability of the "Black Sharks" for Mi-28N are unavailable and the pilots of these helicopters can only dream about it. The ex-serviceman once provided them a medical service. Minister of Defense S.Ivanov.

You are surprised when, with the outstanding Ka-50 / 52, the hero-pilots are forced to perform combat missions on the dead Mi-28N and Mi-24, and the President has repeatedly set the task of equipping our armed forces with the latest advanced weapons, that from combat helicopters nowadays there are no equal to Ka-50 helicopters "Black Shark" and Ka-52 "Alligator" all over the world. It should be noted that Mi-28NM, the Mi-28N, is the same Mi-28H, only with the modified gears, which will allow to remove the limitations from the engines in terms of power, but with all the other inherent backwardnesses in maneuverability, armament and flight safety . And the safety of flights here should be considered not only from the point of view of the availability of catapult seats for Kamovian cars, but even more so: the absence of very dangerous tail rotors for Kamov cars.

It's no secret that the US Army is preparing to switch to high-speed coaxial helicopters and for this they already really experience a combat helicopter S-97



But the Kremlin government is hindering the creation of high-speed helicopters for our helicopter pilots. BUT, for example, for high-speed helicopter designers, high-speed helicopters: "Not according to Senka - a cap", they are just starting to launch into the Mi-38 series, a helicopter from the first half of the 80-s of the last century, which would already have been decommissioned in Soviet times on the length of service, but the high-speed option they had as a project - a phantom named "Mi-X1", which was promised the maximum speed already in 520k / h. Only people with a sick head can promise such a speed to a single-screw helicopter, because according to the theory of flight, a single-rotor helicopter turns upside down after the speed of 400k / h, followed by a meeting with the earth's surface, which is well known in KB.



But the generals of this design bureau - it's kind of like a caste untouchable and with them everything, like with a goose water; they are allowed everything, so instead of the famous "Black Shark" in the series run three times in a row losing to him competitions, and even the unfinished Mi-28N. The pilots who operate these helicopters, starting from 2011year, pay for this injustice with their lives, and the State with finances and a reduction in defensive potential. Nevertheless, ex. the commander-in-chief of the VKS V. Bondarev does not bother with this state of affairs with Mi-28N, and he continues to PR to this day: "this is a fine helicopter that pilots appreciate and respect him with great respect" (Read more at Tass 4 December 2017.). He himself never flew helicopters, so blindly repeats the designers of the cost center, giving this lie to a false characteristic instead of real. For example, when the second batch of Mi-28H was sent to Budennovsk, the pilots flatly refused them (reality) and this lot of helicopters was sent to Torzhok. It is on them that the aerobatic team "Berkut" flies, and it is from this party that at demonstration performances on the Dubrovichi training ground, Ryazan region. in August 2015 the next Mi-28N fell and killed the leading aerobatic team of Colonel Igor Butenko.



But after the first disaster in Budennovsk about this helicopter: "As explained to the newspaper VZGLYAD deputy head of the flight test center, Honored Test Pilot, Hero of Russia, Colonel Igor Malikov, hit the shavings in the gearbox is UNDERCARE ...". (Airport: Posted: 15.02.2011).

It would seem that after such an objective description of an authoritative test pilot, the Air Force Commander-in-Chief had to stop the flights on these helicopters and launch the Ka-50, which has long proved its superiority in all respects, especially since these helicopters are highly praised by army pilots.



Colonel Aleksandr Vitalievich Rudykh, head of the BUG (Combat Strike Group), who took part in the Chechen war:

"The wind restriction even on the plain still remains, as are the features of the operation of single-screw machines in mountain conditions. From the majority of these restrictions, coaxial machines are eliminated, since they have no problems with the destruction of the steering wheel and even the tail boom. The 'Black Shark', which has no analogues in the world, has unique characteristics for mountain conditions.

For a helicopter with a coaxial circuit, it does not matter from which side the wind blows during takeoff or approach. With full combat load, the 'Black Shark' hangs at an altitude of 4.000 meters. How effective are the combat missions on this machine, we have convincingly shown in Chechnya.

Early in the morning we were 'cut', as a rule, by the opposite slopes of the mountains, where artillery could not work, and we systematically 'cleaned out' the square behind the square. All the flights carried out video shooting of the mission and combat results. We collected extensive material and confirmed it with documents.

The technique (Ka-50) proved to be the best. Most of all I personally liked the digital map of the area installed on the Kamovian car. It allows to use the electronic map, executed in the form of an ordinary flight card with maximum efficiency. The pilot can fly in flight to any convenient and necessary scale for him; At the same time, a mark is displayed on the monitor indicating the place of the helicopter. The designations without the use of the GLONAS system with an accuracy of + 50 meters allow for a landing approach in difficult weather conditions.

Crews from the combat units did not know the capabilities of Ka-50, as well as the features of piloting coaxial vehicles, and that's why, after the first combat sortie, they gave an emotional but precise assessment: "It's not a flight, it's some kind of fantasy. It's not clear who covers whom. " After that, R. Sakhabutdinov announced the impossibility of accomplishing the task of protecting his crews. That is why the "crocodiles" accompanying the "Black sharks" were piloted by the pilots of the BUG. To assess the actions of Ka-50 in the interests of scientific work, I had to take a job in Mi-24.

When I reported to Colonel-General V. Baranov the order to return to the base, he summoned the chief of aviation of the UGA (s), then the colonel, Rifa Sakhabutdinov and asked:

"Can you continue this work and 'clean out the spirits' just like Kamov's machines?"

- No. Mi-24 can not perform such tasks.

"So why are they flying away?" Why do not you ask them to leave?


An intelligent response was not received by General Baranov, especially since we were detained in the combat zone for another month at the request of the OGV command (s). Bug returned home, having fulfilled all the tasks assigned to her. (The word about the "Black Shark": 20 June 2006 YURI ZARETSKY, Red Star).


The work of the Ka-52 Alligator helicopter in Syria


Vitalii Belyaev specifically for


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