Kulyapin Valentin. Biography. Fighting. Ranks. A photo.
Kulyapin Valentin. Biography. Fighting. Ranks. A photo.

Kulyapin Valentin. Biography. Fighting. Ranks. A photo.

Valentin was born in 1954, Russian by nationality. Member of the party. In 1975 I graduated from Military Aviation School. Served Kulyapin in 982-th Fighter Regiment (34-th Air Force).

Kulyapin, second Soviet pilotWho shot down the plane rammed the offender. It is also the second in the whole world practice case reactive ram. Nikolai Eliseev in 1973 was made for the first time.

Kulyapin Valentin. Biography. Fighting. Ranks. A photo. 1

Says Valentine: “I was on the 3 course of the Higher Flight School when I first heard about the feat of captain Eliseev. We, 19-year-olds, were interested in each other: "But would you be able to do that?" Then I decided to keep silent - what sense, being safe, to talk about the feat? But he firmly decided the following: Eliseev left us, future young pilots, a covenant to learn the heroic art of ramming on a jet engine. Once Nesterov, with his heroic death, gave our pilots a covenant to make a risky device, opened by them, a very effective weapon in the war against enemies, and more than 600 pilots - his heirs - now have an aviation history. ”

Kulyapin Valentin. Biography. Fighting. Ranks. A photo. 2

Note that there is no supersonic aircraft smashing screw and powerful plane - wings. Taran, as the reception seemed to him technically almost impossible, especially after the heroic death Eliseev. But through the years 8 Kulyapin on a jet plane I was able to make a second similar containers, killing the intruder, the intruder in the airspace of our country.

In 1981, 18 July, the Canadar violated the border in Armenia CL-44 - transport aircraft one of the Argentine airlines under the control of the Swiss crew, who carried the party smuggling weapons to Iran. On his interception lifted 2 couple Sioux 15TM. But they failed to find the target, and, having exhausted all the fuel is returned back to the airfield.

Then the perpetrator was induced Captain Kulyapin. He set the task to land the plane on our territory. Finding the offender at an altitude of 11 thousand. M, Valentin become acquainted with him, he flew parallel course. He handed the offender signs to get him to follow him. But he continued to fly in any way, heading towards the border. Then came the command from the ground - "Knock off!".

Kulyapin Valentin. Biography. Fighting. Ranks. A photo. 3

Sioux was 15TM armed with P-98M (Long-range missiles). For a start has been the lack of distance, and to make entry to attack again, there was no time - the offender approaching the border. Then Valentin decided to ram. He went to the rapprochement with the plane - the infringer and the fuselage struck on the right stabilizer offender. Then Kulyapin ejected immediately, and CL-44 fell in two kilometers from the border. The crew lost it completely.

Over feat Valentine was promoted to the rank of the Hero of the country, but unfortunately ... only received the Order of the Red Banner.

In the world no one else was able to repeat the feat of the heroic captain Eliseev.

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