Learjet 45-45XR
Learjet 45-45XR. A photo. Salon. Characteristics.

Learjet 45-45XR



Bombardier is presented to the public for the first time a light jet business jet in July 2002.

This is a development of the Bombardier Learjet 45 aircraft, designed to provide an even better range-to-payload ratio by increasing engine properties and increasing the maximum take-off weight to 454kg. For example, the BombardierLearjet45XR can carry 8 passengers on long-distance routes Atlanta-Los Angeles, Madrid-Moscow, Paris-Cairo.

At the end of 2004 started designing aircraft. Customers received the first Learjet 45 XR in 2005.

Bombardier Learjet 45 XR has turbojet engines HoneywellTFE73120BR, which provide excellent performance aircraft at high altitudes on hot days. Standard electronics board includes an electronic integrated management system HoneywellPrimus1000.

All flight and navigation information is available on four large - 20h18sm - displays EFIS (electronic flight-navigation system), which also displays information EICAS (engine control and prevention of the crew.


Learjet 45-45XR photo salon

Learjet 45-45XR photo salon


The Learjet 45 XR flies farther and faster with a larger stock of passengers than the previous variation of the Learjet 40 XR. The aircraft has an economical fuel consumption, high reliability and maintainability. With the standard layout, the aircraft design has a number of distinctive features - a larger steering wheel and stabilizer, an enlarged engine pylon, one-piece flaps and smaller triangle-shaped stabilizers. Navigational modern equipment and good aerodynamic properties enable the Learjet 45 XR to overcome confidently strong turbulence and cloudiness. The Learjet45XR modification is designed for use in more complex environments than the Learjet 45, for example, for efficient execution of flights with full refueling and full payload. A small increase in the weight of the aircraft caused the installation of more powerful modified engines, due to which the Learjet45XR is gaining faster the required altitude of flight.

The cabin also leaves no one indifferent. Round BombardierLearjet45XR interior has been designed specifically to provide functionality and comfort when flying at a distance of s.



Learjet 45-45XR cockpit

Learjet 45-45XR cockpit


The length of the passenger compartment 6,0m horosho for oval cross-section of the cabin 1,50m in height and in width 1,55m. Traditional double club seats, flat floor - it provides the comfort of the cabin, which seats for passengers 8. Also worth mentioning is that the upgraded interior includes seats on 5sm beyond traditional, with additional 15sm leg space.

Although Learjet 45 belongs to small jets, it has 8 seats, there is a dressing room, which is combined with a wardrobe, and a kitchen area, focused on bar functions, since the relatively narrow 1,5 m high cabin does not allow serving passengers on board, as in the restaurant. There is an additional seat in the toilet, which is certified for landing and take-off, which makes it possible to take one more passenger on board if necessary. There is no separate luggage compartment on the plane, so all luggage is placed in the wardrobe, which is located in the tail. The Learjet 45 XR modification has increased comfort - more expensive materials are used in the interior trim, the wardrobe space is increased.

The price of the aircraft in the base case - about 11mln dollars. Most aircraft flying in North America.


The characteristics of the aircraft Learjet 45-45XR:


  • Range: 3865km

  • Cruising speed: 846km / hour

  • The highest altitude: 15550m

  • The highest take-off weight: 9752kg

  • The greatest number of passengers: 8-9

  • The best number of passengers: 7

  • interior length: 6.02m

  • The width of the passenger compartment: 1.56m

  • Cabin height: 1.5m

  • The volume of the passenger compartment: 11.61kub.m

  • Length: 17.56m

  • Height: 4.31m

  • Wingspan: 14.56 


Learjet 45 XR. Gallery.

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Learjet 45 XR. Video.



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