Lockheed C-130 Hercules
Lockheed C-130 Hercules

Lockheed C-130 Hercules


Lockheed C-130 Hercules - US military transport aircraft and medium-range high. It is the basis of US military transport aircraft, NATO nations and other countries.


History Lockheed C-130 Hercules


"Hercules" - the most common cargo planes medium-duty trucks, which are exploited in 65 the world. They were designed by the American firm "Lockheed" over 50 years ago. As of the year 2009 2300 built more copies of military transport C-130 in various modified versions, including for civil aviation. Half of all produced "Hercules" was built for the US Air Force needs. This type of aircraft is still commercially produced and is in great demand in the international market.

Lockheed C-130 Hercules

Designing do, having received an order from the US Air Force. The new aircraft had to change outdated transporters C-46 Commando, C-47 Skytrain and C-119 Flying Boxcar.


The customer made the following tactical and technical requirements: the aircraft must have a capacity of 72 or 64 military paratrooper with special equipment. The stated range - 1100 nautical miles required possibility of flying on one engine. As a separate requirement - make ups from unprepared airfields.


The first time the aircraft was lifted into the air and flew 23.08.1954 from the city of Burbank (CA) to the air base in the town of Edwards. The flight lasted exactly one hour. A short time after this event, the company "Lockheed" was charged with the serial production of aircraft of this model.

Lockheed C-130 Hercules cabin

Since the Vietnam War, various modifications of C-130 were used in all US military operations, with the exception of strikes on Gaddafi's forces in Libya.


In the framework of the "STTM" in 1984 was lifted into the air the first experimental aircraft. On the basis of deeply upgraded machine it was built, called C-130J «Super Hercules". Its operation continues at the present time. The company "Boeing" in 2000 has received the order for the resource extension and replacement of on-board equipment on machines with 198-130 outdated versions. The cost of equipment each side were about 14 million. Dollars.


Technical description Lockheed C-130 Hercules


The power plant at "Hercules" is a turboprop engine Allison T56, which delivers a maximum power 4100 hp Commercially, this type of engine began to produce with 1954 years. The engine itself over time to continually improve: one can count several dozen modifications. It made for installation not only on C-130, but also for a number of planes, helicopters, and even the US Navy ships. New modifications of aircraft C-130 equipped engines "Rolls-Royce" AE 2100.

Lockheed C-130 Hercules

Design Lockheed C-130 Hercules

The plane Lockheed C-130 Hercules is vysokoplan settling down with a high tail and four turbo-prop engines. The fuselage has a circular cross section and the type of loading a large hatch in the rear. The aircraft has a tricycle landing gear with a support on the bow rack. The front landing gear is equipped with a pair of wheels, the main - the same two wheels, only placed in the tandem.

The crew of airborne transport options include the two pilots, a navigator, flight engineer and specialist in landing and loading. Each specific modification had its number of crew members: 2-3 for human C-130J and to 13 people for AC-130U.

Release for a long time, the aircraft in the course of their cultivation was a huge mass of options for applications and modifications. General remained except that the layout structure. Improvements were made in the chassis system, fuel system (being finalized opportunity to refuel in the air). Also we carried out the replacement of the obsolete avionics set conversion kits power plants.

Lockheed C-130 Hercules Video

Among the modifications of C-130 produced such variants: refueling, search and rescue, reconnaissance, repeaters, fire support, jammers, etc.

The most perfect was the transport modification C-130J. It included new power plants with six-bladed air propellers, completely updated on-board electronic equipment, including a satellite navigation system. The aircraft could now be controlled by two people, the cockpit is equipped with multifunctional LCD displays and an inlication system on the windshield. Work was done to simplify the maintenance of aircraft components and systems. In particular, on the modification, it became possible to replace the chassis wheels without special airfield equipment. Loading and airborne transport equipment was modernized.

Lockheed C-130 Hercules

C-130J aircraft differed from the base model by-wire aircraft control system, advanced control surfaces, empennage altered, using the double-slotted flaps and spoilers.

Customers of Civil Aviation received a demilitarized version of the aircraft with the index Lockheed L-100.

The use in combat points:

2.09.1958, conducting spy flight over the territory of Armenia, a reconnaissance version of the aircraft C-130 come under fire from Soviet MiG-17, due to which he was shot down.

In 1963 was checking the possibility of basing the aircraft on aircraft carriers, ships. Tests on the USS Forrestal ship were successful.

The Vietnam war

In Vietnam, C-130 used as transport workers strike aircraft gunners, tankers, reconnaissance, air command bombers management and coordination centers during the bombing of North Vietnam, airplanes, fire support of ground troops (AC-130 Spectre).

Lockheed C-130 Hercules

US losses in this war amounted 55 aircraft C-130, 4 KC-130 and 6 130-speakers. One of the "Hercules" has fallen by two shells hit kalibra37 mm. The loss of the South Korean side during this time amounted to no less than 8 «Hercules». Also 7 machines were to get the North Vietnamese as trophies.

Further combat use

In 1964 the group aircraft Lockheed C-130 Hercules involved for the release of hostages in the town of Stanleyville (Congo Belgian).

The Indo-Pakistani War

Aircraft C-130 during this military conflict were at the disposal of the Pakistani Air Force. At least one militant "Hercules" was lost due to technical reasons.

Falklands war

Argentine aircraft C-130 performed nightly patrol the Falkland Islands, transferring personnel of the army and supplying fuel Argentine "Skyhawks" and "Super Etendard", which was carried out raids on the British ships. One of the fighters shot down a British fighter Harrier. The crew could not survive a seven-member.

Lockheed C-130 Hercules

The Angolan civil war

Various modifications of C-130 Hercules aircraft used actively all parties to the conflict. Supplier of aircraft for both the warring parties acted as the American CIA. In the course of the conflict have been brought down significantly 14 aircraft C-130 «Hercules" of various modifications, and eight to ten vehicles were destroyed on the ground.

Also Lockheed C-130 Hercules actively used during the military conflict in Western Sahara, Iran, Iraq and the Gulf countries. Under the auspices of the UN, NATO and conduct peacekeeping operations in the Balkans.



 C-130A On the basis of the prototype Lockheed Model 82.
 C-XNUMHA-II For special electronic transactions
 AC-130A Attack aircraft based on JC-130A class Gunship II 
 AC-130A Plain Jane Strike aircraft with radar APQ-136
 AC-130A Surprise Package Strike aircraft with radar APN-59N, APQ-133 and AVQ-17, searchable transport ASD-5 Black Crow
 AC-130A Pave Pronto Strike aircraft with the system EW ALQ-87 and 2 PU reflectors SUU-42A / A.
 DC-130A (GC-130A) The aircraft transporter targets
 JС-130А Research aircraft with radar APS-42.
 NC-130A Research modification
 RC-130A Photo-reconnaissance aircraft.
 TC-130A The aircraft crew training.
 C-130B Improved performance with more powerful engines T56-A-7 and 7A.
 HC-130B Coast Guard aircraft based on the C-130V.
 R8V-1G The initial designation of NA-130V in the US Navy.
 WC-130B Weather reconnaissance aircraft
 RC-130B Reconnaissance aircraft under the program Sun Valley II.
 C-130B-II    The original designation is RC-130. 
 JC-130B The aircraft tracking missiles.
 KS-130B Aircraft tanker.
 NC-130B Experimental aircraft short takeoff and landing with the theater YT56-A-6.
 C-130D The practical version of the C-130A combined wheel-ski landing gear.
 C-130E The third modification of the aircraft 1962 on the basis of the prototype Lockheed Model 382 c radar APQ-122 (V)
 C-130E-I Aircraft Special Forces to rescue system STAR (Suface To Air Recovery).
 AC-130E Modifications attack aircraft c weapons and electronics AC 130A Pave Pronto.
 AC-130E Pave Aegis Attack aircraft, built with 1971 2 7.62-mm machine guns Minigun, 2 20-mm guns and M61A1 2 40-mm Bofors guns or recoilless 105-mm howitzer.
 AC-130E Pave Specter I Strike aircraft to destroy convoys radar APN-59N and AVQ-17
 DC-130E The aircraft for launch and control of UAVs 4.
 EC-130E The plane with the coastal defense system LORAN.
 MS-130E Combat Talon I Aircraft Special Forces.
 WС-130E Aircraft search hurricanes and weather reconnaissance.
 C-130F The aircraft with the equipment for maintenance tasks Navy.
 GV-1U On initial designation-130F in the US Navy.
 KS-130F Aircraft refueller
 GV-1 Initial identification of COP-130F in the US Navy.
 LС-130F Antarctic version of C-130F.
 UV-1L The initial designation LC-130F in the US Navy.
 C-130G Modification C-130F c theater T56-A-16.
 EC-130G Aircraft electronic communication with nuclear submarines with the system TACAMO II.
 C-130H The export version of the aircraft produced with the 1965 year. 
 C-130H (AEH) Flying hospital for 52 stretchers, commissioned by the Saudi Arabian Air Force.
 AC-130H Specter Modification attack aircraft AC 130E.
 DC-130H The aircraft launch and control UAVs 4.
 EC-130H Aircraft electronic control system Compass Call II.
 KC-130H Aircraft tanker.
 LС-130H Aircraft National Guard in arctic.
 MC-130H Combat Talon II Aircraft Special Forces.
 PC-130H Patrol aircraft commissioned by the Navy created Indoneyzii and Malaysia.
 C-130H-MP The initial designation of RS-130H.
 RC-130H Reconnaissance aircraft for the Navy of Morocco.
 VС-130H VIP transport for the Air Force in Saudi Arabia.
 WC-130H Weather reconnaissance aircraft, is now used as a cargo plane.
 C-130H-30 Modification on the basis of the civil version of the L-100-30.
 C-130J Option aircraft with pilots and 2 4 theater Allison GMA2100 (T56-IV).
 C-130K Modification of the C-130H for the British Air Force with the T56-A-15 theater.
 Hercules C.Mk.I The first modification of the C-130K 1966 model year.
 Hercules W.Mk.I Weather reconnaissance aircraft based Hercules C.Mk.I.
 Hercules C.Mk.III Modification of 1985 years airplane Hercules C.Mk.I standard C-130N-30.
 HC-130N  Specialized aircraft for receiving data from satellites.
 EC-130Q The upgraded version of the EU-130G the system TACAMO.
 KC-130R Tanker aircraft for the Marine Corps.
 C-130T Modification 1991 model year with theater T56-A-423.
 AC-130U Attack aircraft based on the AC-130N
 EC-130V The aircraft of the coastal defense on the basis of NS-130N c radar APS-145 kontrobandoy to combat drugs.
 L-100 Civilian version of the C-130E with theater Allison 501-D22


Lockheed C-130 Hercules characteristics:

Modification   C-130H
Wingspan, m   40.41
Aircraft Length m   29.79
Height, m   11.56
Wing area, m2   152.12
Weight, kg  
  empty aircraft   34686
  normal takeoff   70310
  maximum take-off   79380
Fuel kg  
  inner   20520
  PTB   8020 (2 x 5148 L)
engine's type   4 HDD Allison T56-A-15
Power, hp   X 4 4508
Maximum speed km / h   621
Cruising speed, km / h   602
The economic speed, km / h   556
Practical range, km   7876
Range at maximum load, km   3791
Practical ceiling, m   10060
Crew   4-5
Payload:   92 or 64 soldier parachutist or stretchers with 74 2 or 19356 kg accompanying cargo


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