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Lockheed C-69 / C-121. A photo. Characteristics.
Lockheed C-69 / C-121. A photo. Characteristics.

Lockheed C-69 / C-121. A photo. Characteristics.


A type: Chetyrehdvigatelny transport aircraft, aircraft radar detection and guidance of fighter aircraft - the relay of data and television signals

Capacity: A crew of four or five people and 64 passenger (airline-69) or 88 passengers (airline-121), or 22-26 system operators (in the plane of the EU-121)

Designed for the Howard Hughes of TWA aircraft majestic "Konstelleyshn" wore olive-gray outfit faster than the red and white, as the first production aircraft were requisitioned for the US Air Force as strategic transport aircraft and were designated C-69. At the service were taken only 22 instance, but the plane made a great impression, and after the war it was purchased a number of long-haul aircraft C-121.

With the development in 1950, the elongated plane "Super Konstelleyshn" was used all the military capabilities of the aircraft, as the Air Force and the US Navy to specialized modifications of Airborne Early Warning (nicknamed «Warning Stars» - «Warning Star") and electronic intelligence Elint.In total, about 20 of various subtypes visited the site. The best time of the aircraft came during the Vietnam War, when the radar reconnaissance platforms of EC-121D were sent to control the electronic environment in North Vietnam. To these planes, improved modifications of the H / J / Q, controlling the interception of MiG aircraft, bringing fighter planes to the tankers and marking the coordinates of the downed pilots, were added. The armed forces received at least 72 RC-121D aircraft, many of which were later converted into electronic reconnaissance and radar detection aircraft of the EU-121T.

Other tasks performed during the war aircraft EC-121, included work as a radio relay stations (aircraft EC-121R) for a network of electronic surveillance "Igloo White» (Igloo White), established in Laos to determine the movement of trucks moving along the "trail Ho Chi Minh "; monitoring and control of air strikes of Tactical Air Command (EU-121 plane H); shuttle transportation problems Military Transport Aviation (aircraft EC 121S / 6).The US Navy was the last military organization that operated the plane, their reconnaissance aircraft EC-121K / Q were finally withdrawn from service at the end of 1970-ies.

Basic data


  • Length: 35,41 m
  • Wingspan: 37,49 m
  • Height: 8,1 m

The weight:

  • BLANK: 36 275 kg
  • Maximum take-off: 64 620 kg

Aircraft performance characteristics:

  • Maximum speed: 517 km / h
  • Range: 7405 km

Power point: 4 star-piston engine R-3350-34 or -91 turbocharged company "Wright"

Power: 8800 l. from. (6562 kW)

Date of first flight:

  • January 9 1943 years (Plane With-69), 1953 year (aircraft RC-121)

The surviving airworthy modifications:121A C / S and EU-121T


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