Lockheed F-104 Starfighter. Photo. Characteristics.
Lockheed F-104 Starfighter. Photo. Characteristics.

Lockheed F-104 Starfighter. Photo. Characteristics.


Type: Single-engine jet fighter and a double training aircraft

Crew: one pilot; two pilots, arranged one behind the other (aircraft TF-104)

The plane was designed by Clarence L. "Kelly" Johnson after extensive conversations with pilots of the US Air Force who returned from Korea in 1951. XF-104 "Starfighter" (Starfighter) has subordinated all the usual requirements (for maneuverability, armament and flight duration) to achieving superior flight characteristics. Having received the maximum speed corresponding to the number M = 2,2, and a very impressive initial climb rate, the Starfighter aircraft combined the power of the engine with the GEX J79 engine and the thin, razor-blade wing (which created a small drag on the main Modes).

With such features, the "Starfighter" aircraft was at the limit of existing technologies. For example, due to the small thickness of the wing, the power aileron drives were to have a thickness of only 25,4 mm. This led to delays in the development of a production aircraft. When in 1958 the F-104A serial aircraft was issued by the Air Force Command of Air Defense, only 153 copies were purchased. Later released a tactical fighter of modification C in the number of 77 copies, and this modification was limitedly exploited over South Vietnam. The plane would have suffered a commercial failure if in I960 Lockheed had not achieved huge sales of the F-104G modification aircraft, with a strengthened design and with completely new equipment, to NATO countries.

Following the German Air Force, who bought the planes 'Starfighter' for the application of tactical nuclear attack and photo-reconnaissance, air force seven European countries and Canada have acquired 1466 planes that were in operation prior to removing them from service in the early 1980-ies. However, Italy, Turkey and Greece also now exploit the shrinking number of aircraft F-104G. Japan and Taiwan are also using a significant number of aircraft "Starfighter".

Basic data


  • Length: 16,69 m
  • Wingspan: 6,86 m
  • Height: 4,11 m

The weight:

  • BLANK: 6387 kg
  • Maximum take-off: 13 054 kg

Aircraft performance characteristics:

  • Maximum speed: 2330 km / h
  • Flight range: 2220 km with discharged external fuel tanks

Power point: J79-GE-11A company "General Electric» (General Electric)

Power: 70,28 kN thrust

Date of first flight:

  • 7 February 1954 year

The surviving airworthy modifications: F-104A, CF-104G / D and TF-104G

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