Best places of the cabin A319-100 - Air Berlin
Best places of the cabin A319-100 - Air Berlin

Best places of the cabin A319-100 - Air Berlin



Ssrednemagistralny narrow-body aircraft with short fuselage, which is designed to transport passengers on listantsiyu to 6800 km. The interior layout Air Berlin 150 can accommodate passengers (all in economy class). Digital Enhanced Avionics and two powerful turbofan engine from CFM International, and give a guarantee of a high safety and comfort of the flight.

In total, Air Berlin has 17 aircraft.  A319-100.

The youngest is a copy of the aircraft D-ABGS (5.4 years) and the oldest - D-ASTX (7.1 year).


Most of the aircraft cabin space Airbus A319 - Aeroflot 2

the best places in Airbus 319


So move on to describe the place:

  • 1-5 p.. This place is business. I would like to note that in the business class on aircraft of the A320 type is not a very large step of the seats. Of course, it is more than in the economy class, but does not compare with Airbus A330. In the first row there is a bit more space for the knees than in the other rows. Even to passengers of a large height, you can put a foot on your leg. Even before you do not recline the back of the chair, and the inclination of the backrest at the seats of the business class is quite impressive. With respect to the first row, we add that there are fasteners at the wall for children's cradles. So you can be near passengers carrying babies. Although this is very rare in the business class.


  • 6 p .. place for the knees enough, but stretch your legs do not get all equilibrium wall. Because of the advantages of these locations may be noted: no you do not toss the chair and you get the first food, as its spread, since 6 p .. Among the shortcomings: the seat slightly narrower due to the fact that the folding tables are located in the armrests, which are fixed . Once placed at the wall mounts for carry cots, this is possible with the neighborhood kids. It can someone inconvenience.

  • 7 p .. Armchairs's not recline or have a big limitation, because this number is in front of the emergency exit. It made for the safety of the flight, to access to escape hatches had not been blocked.

  • 8 p., F and A. The Chairs at these places are not very comfortable, they are down "skewed" towards the hatch. They are there, "crooked" in view of the location of the exit door. Of the advantages noticed an increase in legroom.

  • 8 p. D, E, B, C. These are the best seats in the economy class. Because they are behind the emergency exit. Because in front of them have extra legroom. This makes them an increase comfort. But here too there are limits. Here passengers can not sit down with the animals and children, passengers with disabilities and the elderly.

  • 20 p. C & D- Constant walking and close to the toilet can be troublesome.

  • 21 p. Separately, the last note, 21 p .. These places, besides that are close to toilets and about them often creates a "turn" in the restroom, may still be limited to tilting, as for them once there is a wall. On top of that the entire flight will be accompanied by the sound of a tank, "clapping" and the doors are not very pleasant smell. This is the worst place, take them only if no other options.

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