Best places of the cabin A319-100 - Iberia
Best places of the cabin A319-100 - Iberia

Best places of the cabin A319-100 - Iberia



In total, aviation companies Iberia 13 aircraft counted  A319-100.

The youngest is a copy of the aircraft EC-LEI (5.7 years) and the oldest - EC-HGR (14.7 years).


Most of the aircraft cabin space Airbus A319 - S7 Airlines

This short-haul aircraft available in odnoklasnoy (economy class) configuration 132 place.

  • 1 p. Business class is not so easy to use, as is the front baffle. There's lots of space for legs, but still, do not look very comfortable in the wall. Even before these places located washroom.

  • 3 p. - first row economy. Also in front of the chairs is a curtain-like partition that separates business and economy. There is enough free space for the legs. Another advantage is the fact that no one will fold the back of the chair. The discomfort will be from the fixed armrests, it is in them that folding tables are located.

  • 8 p. Behind it is an emergency hatch / wing exit. The backs of this row of seats do not recline or are very limited in this.

  • 9 p. For safety reasons, the backrests of this row do not recline due to the emergency exit located behind. This is done so that during emergency evacuation the passage to the door is not blocked.

  • 10 p. These places are called “places of increased comfort”. Again, for safety reasons, the step width is between 9 and 10 p. increased. Passengers with disabilities and small children are not allowed in these places. In addition, it is prohibited to place carry-on baggage under the seats.

  • 22 p., Place of D, C. Nothing in these places unusual, except close to the toilets. A slight anxiety can be delivered during the flight.

  • 23 district last. Places in this series did not stand out in comfort. back seats are blocked and do not recline as abut the wall of the toilets. The proximity to the toilets involves still some drawbacks. First - constantly pass you will pass people and sometimes wait for their turn in the bathroom. The second - the sound of a tank, and if water closet is not equipped with vacuum drainage system - in addition, unpleasant odors.


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