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Most of the aircraft cabin space A319-100 - Scandinavian Airlines
Most of the aircraft cabin space A319-100 - Scandinavian Airlines

Most of the aircraft cabin space A319-100 - Scandinavian Airlines



In total, aviation companies "Scandinavian Airlines"There 4 aircraft A319-100.

All aircraft are made in the configuration of 141 place (16 seats in business class and 120 economy class seats). Flights aircraft performed in European and Scandinavian countries.


Most of the aircraft cabin space Airbus A319 - S7 Airlines


So, consider the location of the seats:

  • 1 p. Business class is not so easy to use, as is the front baffle. There's lots of space for legs, but still, do not look very comfortable in the wall. Even before these places located washroom.

  • 3 p. - The first series of the economy. Also before the seating is in the form of a curtain partition that separates the business and economy. There's plenty of free space legs. Another advantage is the fact that one chair does not toss. Discomfort is captured by the armrests, which are located exactly at folding tables.

  • 8 p. Behind him is an escape hatch in / out on the wing. The backs of the row of seats do not recline or very limited in this.

  • 3-9 p. First cabin, seat pitch a bit more than in the rest of the aircraft, in 9-22 p. Food Separation begins with 3 p. with a "head". And passengers who sit in the tail, very poor choice of drinks and food

  • 9 p. Passenger seats for this series can be called an increase in comfort. emergency exit is located in front of them. This makes more space for the legs and makes it possible to get up without disturbing the neighbors, from his seat. These are two very important factors in the conditions of flight. Slightly darkens the fact that the data series is not possible to sit passengers with animals and children, the elderly, and those whose opportunities are limited. Hand luggage is forbidden to place under the seats, which are located in front and in the legs.

  • 21 p. aisle seats are not very comfortable, as the proximity to the toilets may disturb during the flight. Near you will constantly stand and pass people.

  • 22 p., The worst place. Close to toilets, lock seat backs, abutting the wall toilets. Take place data on the most worst.


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