Most of the aircraft cabin space A321-200 - LOT - Polish Airlines
Most of the aircraft cabin space A321-200 - LOT - Polish Airlines

Most of the aircraft cabin space A321-200 - LOT - Polish Airlines

Most of the aircraft cabin space Airbus A321 - Ural Airlines

This is a special place on the plane A321-200 airlines LOT - Polish Airlines:

  • 1 p. - for airplanes of this type, often the first rad is located fairly close to the partition or wall of the kitchen / toilets. The impression of a closed space and not very comfortable the whole flight to sit, watching the wall. Still, there is quite noisy due to the proximity of the toilet and kitchen. These are flaws. Now about the positive moments. On this row there is enough space for the knees. Another advantage is the fact that no one will fold the back of the chair. In terms of economy is quite a significant circumstance.

  • 10 p. A number in front of the first emergency exit. As a rule, before the emergency exit seats do not recline or in this severely limited for security reasons. This is done so that in case of emergency, was not obstructed approach to the door and to not waste time on raising backs. The entire flight will have to sit in an upright position.

  • 11 r. For the same reasons for safety, the series after the emergency exit is located a little distance from the past. Before you, thanks to this there is an additional space. It is possible to get up from the ground without disturbing the neighbors, to stretch out the legs with comfort. Another advantage is that the row is not 3 chairs, but 2. Two chairs in a row - an ideal place in general for two traveling. But there are some minor drawbacks: Folding tables are placed in the armrests, they do not move because of this. There is no porthole. It is not possible to place hand luggage in the aisle and on the floor. For the safety of the flight, it is prohibited to stay with passengers with animals and children, with disabilities, and the elderly at these places. Still more advantages, so you can think that good places.

  • 12 p. F, A. Standard seats Economy + additional legroom. Since there is no standing in front of the chair. very comfortably.

  • 25 p. Noted yellow, for the same reasons as the 10. Blocked back. But a small advantage in an amount in a row of seats.

  • 26 p. Good cabin seats. There is a place for legs, perhaps without disturbing anyone, get up from the place. The disadvantages are similar to 11 p. Separately, we note the place in the windows F, A. In view of the emergency door, the seats are slightly sloping and often there is not one of the armrests.

  • 37 R., Place D. Yellow due to proximity to toilets. People will squeeze around you all the time, they can lean on a chair, touch. Still possible to form a queue

  • 37 p. Places C, B, A and 38 p. The most inappropriate places. Similar drawbacks as the last but one row, in addition, the backs of chairs do not recline and are able to rest against the walls of toilets. Another slamming of doors and the sound of a cistern will accompany you throughout the flight. Register for these places at the worst end.

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Finally, we give general tips and recommendations to select the best seats of the Airbus A321 aircraft.

  • Ask for advice from an employee of aviation companies

  • If possible - carefully examine the scheme airliner on which you fly

  • Do not take the places in which the seats do not recline or limited in this

  • Do not take seats near the toilets, kitchens and other industrial facilities in the tail.


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