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Best places of the cabin Boeing 737-800 - Aeroflot

Most of the aircraft cabin space Boeing 737-800 Aeroflot


24.09.2013 fleet "Aeroflot"I joined the new aircraft Boeing 737-800. The aircraft is a member of the family 737 NextGeneration. It's nice that "Aeroflot" brand holds and acquires a new aircraft.

This medium-range airliner tail number VP-BRF, and he called S.Obraztsov, in honor of the famous Russian theater director and actor Sergey Obraztsova.


Best places of the cabin Boeing 737-800 - Aeroflot


The cabin layout is provided 138 economy class seats and business class 20.


We give general advice and recommendations,

to select the best seats on the Boeing 737-800.


  • Ask for advice from an employee of aviation companies

  • If possible - carefully examine the scheme airliner on which you fly

  • Do not take the places in which the seats do not recline or limited in this

  • Do not take seats near the toilets, kitchens and other industrial facilities in the tail.


Seat map Boeing 737-800 - Aeroflot

Best places of the cabin Boeing 737-800 - Aeroflot 2


Let us consider in detail the scheme of the cabin Boeing 737-800 Aeroflot and find out what the best places and which worse.

  • 1 5 on p. - Business Class. Here you will be very comfortable.

  • 6 p. - Is the first in a series of economy class cabin. The advantage of these sites is the fact that they do not have front seats. This means that it is not thrown back at you standing in front of the back seat. Even the distance to the wall that separates the classes quite large.

  • 11 p .. This number (located him escape hatches) usually do not recline the seatbacks or they are limited in this. But, in terms of the aircraft, which is taken from the official website of "Aeroflot", is not told about it. This means a number is located quite far from the usual outlets and are standard places. However, be careful this time specify when registering.

  • 12 p .. Then there are the cons and pros. We start with the cons. This number is between escape hatches that open out to the wing. Seatbacks are locked accurately at all or have a small slope. During the many hours will be required to sit in one position vertically. Now, about the merits, or rather one, but very significant. Slightly increased the distance to 11 p .. You will pull the foot forward and get comfortable.

  • 13 p. - The best places of the aircraft. Backs like standard seats recline, increase the distance to 12 p .. Limitations on 12 and 13 p. It is forbidden to be certain categories of passengers with animals, children, disabled and aged. This is connected with the safety of the flight.

  • 27 p., D and C. People going to the bathroom, be sure to harass.

  • 28 p .. backs down the last row is usually run into the wall of the kitchen, the bathroom or some technical room, so do not recline. However, this plane edge inclination angle as that of the standard seat. With regard to the proximity to the toilets - close to you will constantly walk around and people may appear small queue. Even the constant sound of the closing / opening the door and the tank will be your companion throughout the trip. It is quite hectic and bustling place.


A couple of general points about the location of seats in the Boeing 737-800- their advantages and disadvantages.

1. The seats, which are located next to the porthole to have the dignity that you can look into it during flight (this of course depends on the flight time and weather). If you are flying at night, this advantage is not considered. Another neighbor will not bother you if he wants to stand up. In these places there is one drawback - not very convenient to leave it. According to this, if there is no need to go to the toilet frequently, or you intend to sleep through the whole flight - choose a place in the window.

2. In the seats, which are located near the aisle, his dignity - it is very easy to get if you want to use the toilet. Disadvantages are - can disturb a neighbor if he will need to get up. Another may interfere with flight attendants trolleys and passengers that pass through the cabin to the galley and toilets. So if you're flying with the child and, most likely, will often go to the toilet. Or do you own there is a need to go to the bathroom more often, then choose from the edge of their seats.


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