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Best places of the cabin Boeing 747-400 - Transaero (522mesta)

Best Places cabin Boeing 747-400 Transaero (522mesta)



Aviation Company "Transaero"Uses on its flights around 20 machines Boeing 747-400.Among These three configurations can be distinguished on 522, 461 447 and passenger seats.

Most of the planes (13/20) are made with 522 seats, so we will consider this particular option. So, the three-class cabin of the Boeing 747-400 (522 seats).

This aircraft model has two decks: lower and upper.


Best places of the cabin Boeing 747-400 - Transaero (522mesta)


A couple of general points about the location of seats in Boein 747-400 - their advantages and disadvantages.

1. The seats, which are located next to the porthole, have the advantage of being able to look into it during the flight (this, of course, depends on the flight time and weather). If you are flying at night, this advantage does not count. Also, the neighbor will not bother you if he wants to get up. These places have one drawback - it is not very convenient to leave it yourself. Therefore, if there is no need to go to the toilet often or you intend to oversleep the entire flight, choose a seat near the window.

2. The seats, which are located near the aisle, have their own advantage - it is very easy to get up from it, if necessary, to the toilet. The disadvantages are as follows - a neighbor may bother him if he needs to get up. Flight attendants with carts and passengers who pass through the cabin to the galley and toilets can also interfere. Therefore, if you are flying with a child and, most likely, you will often have to go to the toilet. Or you yourself have a need to go to the restroom more often, then choose from the edge of the place.


Upper deck

  • 1-3 r.- business class. Modern, good business. Displays 15'4 diagonal inches, comfortable chairs. The distance between the rows - 60 inches (more than 1.5 meters).

  • 5 p. - first row economy. Since a very nice screen serves as a partition between the classes, there will be a lot of free space for the legs. These are places of increased comfort. Economy monitors are 8.9 inches, and the row spacing is approximately 86 centimeters.

  • 9 p. - the last row of economy. Directly behind it is a toilet and a staircase leading to the lower deck. This will cause some discomfort during the flight. Therefore, they are marked in yellow on the diagram.


Lower deck

The lower deck is occupied by a single, tourist class seats on 470. Similar monitors, 8.9 inches, and the distance between seats - 31 inch (78 centimeters).

  • 10, 11, 12 p. K, H, B, A-to them by three, and two seats. They mark them an increase in comfort, since it is always more convenient to two seats, rather than three or four. Among the shortcomings - are located in the nose of the aircraft mount for baby carriages, this risk being surrounded by passengers carrying small children.

  • 19 p. - Are located near the emergency exits, do not recline the seatbacks in this series or this limited.

  • 20-22 p., Places G, E, D - will not be very calm, as they are surrounded on both sides by toilets. during long flights there are plenty of people who want to visit them. As a result, there are unpleasant smells, queues, regular movement of people and the sounds of the tank. The same can be attributed to places L, K, H, C, B, A at 22 p. In addition, the distance to the toilet wall is not very large.

  • 29 p., Do not recline the backrest. They are located near the emergency exits and the chair in the middle rest against the wall of the toilet.

  • 31 p., Place A, B, C- there is additional space for the legs, sometimes very significant. The armrests are placed folding tables. Of the minuses: 31A - the door can be a bit, well located near the 31S staircase.

  • 32-34, places C - proximity to the stairs causes inconvenience.

  • 43,54,70,71 rubles - the chairs do not recline. The reason is named above - escape hatches.

  • 44 and 55 p., - A good place due to increased leg space. But the proximity to the toilets will bring trouble.

  • 67-70 p. again have 2, rather than 4 3 or chair. It's pretty good, especially if you are traveling alone. But, in the last rows. chairs do not recline. In addition, do not add comfort proximity to toilets.


Meals on board the Boeing 747-400 «Transaero"


Large assortment of food is different, the standard set. There is always hot. Fed 1-2 times, regardless of the duration of the flight.

When you start dressing meal, the plane can be visually divided into parts. Service power comes from two racks located at places 35,54, and simultaneously begins.

From the first post two flight attendants go "down" from the 10 p. And the other two "up" from 43 p. Towards each other until they meet. From the second pillar, in the same way, 4 steward extend from the 44 and 71 p.

Drinks / aperitifs are dispensed first, followed by a hot meal with lunch boxes and trays, followed by coffee and tea.


Here are some general tips and tricks for choosing the best seats on your Boeing747-400.

  • Ask for advice from an employee of aviation companies

  • If possible - carefully examine the scheme airliner on which you fly

  • Do not take the places in which the seats do not recline or limited in this

  • Do not take seats near the toilets, kitchens and other industrial facilities in the tail.


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