Boeing 767-300 - British Airways
Most of the aircraft cabin space Boeing 767-300 - British Airways

Most of the aircraft cabin space Boeing 767-300 - British Airways



Airliner is designed based on 200-th model Boeing. Differences can be seen in a slightly modified keel, upgraded interior, elongated fuselage. The new aircraft also has an electronic control and a very different, more economical engine. Range with maximum load is approximately 2900 km.

Boeing 767-300 It is used as medium and long-haul European routes for Europe. Sometimes conducts flights within the UK.


Most of the aircraft cabin space Boeing 767-300 - British Airways

In total, the airline 21 side. Layout 229-259 passengers (one, two, three-class configuration).



  • 1 p. B and A, probably the best place of the aircraft. In addition to comfort, they are No limit foot space and is located away from the technical premises. The rest of the first row of seats is slightly worse (worse in comparison with the good and the standard of business class seats, but, of course - better than any place in economy class). And only worse by the fact that such a large space for the legs is not as sites in B and A (although more than enough) and they are closer to the galley.

  • 5 p. located near the toilets, in this, a bit worse standard.

  • We now turn to the economy class.

  • 9 p. one of the best places on board the economy class. The additional leg space and the opportunity to stand freely from any seat, give them the properties of places with increased comfort. Can only disappoint proximity to the technical room and a toilet.

  • 15 p. (It is in the configuration of Aeroflot) have a limit of tilting.

  •  24 and 25 p. are located close to the toilets, the edge of this, the places that are marked in red are limited in reclining, or not at all. Not a very comfortable option for flight.

  • 27 p. - The best economy class seats. As space 9 p., They can be easily leave without disturbing the neighbors. No you will not be bothered by the fact that the will to get up from his seat, as well as - unlimited space for the feet, making them an increase in comfort.

  • Recent 38 and 39 p. are located in the tail, have a limit of tilting and is very close to toilets and technical premises. Bad location.

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