Boeing 777-300ER - Aeroflot
Best places of the cabin Boeing 777-300ER - Aeroflot

Best places of the cabin Boeing 777-300ER Aeroflot



In March and February 2013 years "Aeroflot" filled up completely new aircraft type Boeing 777-300ER.This Modern twin-engine giant is used in flight long haul to 14500 kilometers.

For example, on the route: Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky - Moscow, Hong Kong - Moscow, New York - Moscow and so on.


Best places of the cabin Boeing 777-300ER - Aeroflot


The cabin comfortably placed 3 402-class service and passenger: 30 places - business, 48 places - 324 comfort and space - economy.

Note that the class "comfort" is provided only on data from the huge ships of the fleet "Aeroflot».


We give general advice and recommendations,

to select the best seats on the Boeing 777-300ER.

  • Ask for advice from an employee of aviation companies

  • If possible - carefully examine the scheme airliner on which you fly

  • Do not take the places in which the seats do not recline or limited in this

  • Do not take seats near the toilets, kitchens and other industrial facilities in the tail.


Best places of the cabin Boeing 777-300ER - Aeroflot


To discuss in detail the scheme Boeing777-300ER and find out where it will be most convenient for a trip, and what better place to record for the most worst.

  • 1-5 p. are allocated to the business class. Modern and comfortable business class, personalized menus, entertainment system, a comfortable chair, in general, the service on top. Here every place is perfect for long-distance flights.

  • From 11 to 16 r. Was placed "comfort class". This class of service is available only on these Aeroflot aircraft. Note that for this class a separate salon is provided. Very comfortable seats, their backs do not recline, and the surface "leaves" forward, not creating passengers, sitting behind, interference. Each chair is equipped with a step, an independent hanging light source, a monitor with a diagonal of 10.6 inches, a convenient large folding table. Between the rows the pitch is significantly increased, in comparison with the economy class. In the diet, hot dishes are offered from the business class menu. The name of the class speaks for itself. But places 11 r. K, H, G, F are closest to the rest of the toilet. This, by the way, is a business class toilet, therefore, passengers of the "Comfort" class need to go to the economy class salon.

  • Economy class - p. with 17 51 on.

  • Economy Class cabin is divided into 3.

  • 17 p., Place of K, H, C, A legroom and reclining backrest similar standard places, but due to the fact that there are 2, rather than 4 or 3 chair, places the data fit perfectly for a flight together.

  • 17, 24 and 39 p., Place G, F, E, D. The advantage of these places that no one you will not toss his chair. This is in relation to 17 p .. Of the minuses, we note that a particular group of passengers is not very comfortable to watch the whole flight into the wall. More 24 p. It is located near the toilets and 39 - near the kitchen. This excessive vanity.

  • 18 p .: H and C. The usual place. But an increase of comfort makes them that there is no seat in front of them. Quite a lot of free meta to take a comfortable position and stretch your legs. Not a very comfortable place, which are marked in yellow in 23,36,37,50,51 ranks. Despite the fact that all backrest recline chairs, some discomfort is the close proximity of the kitchen or toilets. Always near you will be walking up and down the people turn to appear. In an aisle seat can even occur on the leg or hurt his elbow.

  • Good places are marked in green, in 24,38 ranks. Emergency exits, which are in front of them involve an increase in the front space. But safety, there can not be an elderly passengers, passengers with animals and children, pregnant women and people with disabilities.

  • 46 p., H and C. The back seat is a little "stick out into the aisle." because they can hurt the flight attendants and passengers with trolleys.

  • 47- 51 p .: K, H, C, A. Due to the narrowing of the fuselage there are two chairs that fit perfectly flights for couples.



A couple of general points about the location of seats in the Boeing 777-300ER - their advantages and disadvantages.

1. The seats, which are located next to the porthole to have the dignity that you can look into it during flight (this of course depends on the flight time and weather). If you are flying at night, this advantage is not considered. Another neighbor will not bother you if he wants to stand up. In these places there is one drawback - not very convenient to leave it. According to this, if there is no need to go to the toilet frequently, or you intend to sleep through the whole flight - choose a place in the window.

2. In the seats, which are located near the aisle, his dignity - it is very easy to get if you want to use the toilet. Disadvantages are - can disturb a neighbor if he will need to get up. Another may interfere with flight attendants trolleys and passengers that pass through the cabin to the galley and toilets. So if you're flying with the child and, most likely, will often go to the toilet. Or do you own there is a need to go to the bathroom more often, then choose from the edge of their seats.


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