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LUNA X-2000
LUNA X-2000

LUNA X-2000

UAVs LUNA X-2000 was developed by the German company EMT as Task machine for intelligence operations. The aircraft LUNA X-2000 designed for short-range reconnaissance in 40 km radius from the control. The total mass of the device is 40 kilos, with the majority used in its construction materials are cheap and widely available. The machine can perform tasks at any time, for that is set corresponding to the equipment.

The machine is supplied with an IR sensor and video surveillance devices, which transmit information in real time, it allows you to more quickly make decisions. UAVs LUNA X-2000 launched into the air with a catapult and runs on a given flight program. If required, the operator can manually change the management of the route and indicate the new flight points. After task aircraft landing with the use of a parachute system and can then be used further.

The German army began using the device LUNA X-2000 2003 a year. It should be noted that prior to the official reception on arms, these machines are widely used in operations in Macedonia and Kosovo.

Operation of this complex required a platoon of 36 people, while there are two starting department, which consists of 6 aircraft and two control stations.

The machine has excellent flight characteristics and small geometric dimensions, so that the UAV wingspan is 4,1 meters. Normal take-off weight of the machine reaches 40 kilos. The only 6,8-hp engine accelerates to the speed of the device 70 km / h, the maximum altitude is 3,5 kilometers.

During the military use it was lost two such apparatus. The first unmanned UAV LUNA X-2000 24.09.2009 years lost in Afghanistan. The crash happened after the car hit streams of aircraft engines Airbus A300, who came in to land, because of this control was lost and the machine crashed. The second crashed due to technical fault in Kunduz province in the summer of 2010 years.

LUNA X-2000. Characteristics:


Modification X-2000
Wingspan, m 4.17
Length m 2.24
Height, m 0.78
Weight, kg  
maximum take-off 30
engine's type 1 AP
Power, hp X 1 6.8
Maximum speed km / h 140
Radius of action, km 40
The height of the patrol, m 300-500
Practical ceiling, m 3000


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