The device M-19 is a radio-controlled flying device, which was designed on the basis of the combat fighter MiG-19. This development of a radio-controlled target was carried out by plant number XXUMX. The manufactured unmanned aircraft had a maximum combat use height of 918 kilometers. The takeoff and the subsequent climb to the course took 16,5 minutes. With horizontal flight mode, the optimum height was 20 kilometers. Flight duration was 12 minutes. Externally, the drone was identical with the MiG-28. The flight was provided by two power units of the TRD type AM-19B, the thrust of each was equal to 9 kgf. 

M-19. Characteristics:

Modification   M-19
Wingspan, m   9.00
Length m   12.54
Height, m   3.88
Wing area, m2   25.00
Weight, kg  
  empty aircraft   5298
  maximum take-off   7300
  Fuel   1735
engine's type   2 TRD AM-9B
Thrust, kgf   X 2 3250
Maximum speed km / h   1200
The flight duration, min   28
Practical ceiling, m   16500


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