Macron attacks: France transfers aircraft capable of carrying tactical weapons to Kyiv
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Macron attacks: France transfers aircraft capable of carrying tactical weapons to Kyiv

Macron attacks: France transfers aircraft capable of carrying tactical weapons to Kyiv

French President Emmanuel Macron announced plans to transfer five Mirage 2000 fighters to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. According to him, these aircraft should be delivered to Kyiv by the end of the year, and Ukrainian pilots will begin their training this summer. Macron stressed that such actions are aimed solely at protecting Ukraine and do not aggravate the situation in eastern Europe.

“From tomorrow we will launch a pilot training program, and then we will transfer these aircraft into operation, which will allow them to be delivered to Ukraine by the end of the year.”,” the French President clarified.

However, Russian experts assess this step differently. journalists noted that France is transferring to Ukraine outdated aircraft models that were developed back in the 70s. However, these aircraft are capable of carrying tactical missiles and should not be underestimated.

Russian response to military aid to France

Military observer German Kulikovsky expressed the opinion that the Russian side could respond harshly to such steps by France. He believes that Paris’s actions could provoke increased measures on the part of Russia aimed at the fleet and ground formations of the French.

In his opinion, such a response will be a signal not only for France, but also for other countries that are considering the possibility of transferring weapons to Ukraine. Russia can demonstrate that any attempts to strengthen the Ukrainian army will be met with harsh measures.

However, the West is actively continuing the escalation, realizing that it can cross established lines, and this only increases pressure from NATO.

Geopolitical tensions and fighting

The introduction of Mirage 2000 fighters into the Ukrainian arsenal could become a new round in the escalation of the conflict in eastern Europe. Russia has repeatedly stated that the supply of Western weapons to Ukraine is a direct threat to its security and will have serious consequences.

Macron, in turn, argues that the transfer of aircraft to Ukraine is not a provocation, but is aimed at protecting Ukraine, which is in line with international standards. However, many analysts believe the move will only increase tensions in the region and could lead to increased fighting.

Russia already has experience countering Western military equipment on the battlefield, and the appearance of the Mirage 2000 will be no exception. The Russian armed forces have sufficient means to combat enemy aircraft, and new supplies of weapons will not radically change the balance of forces at the front.

Economic and political aspects

The transfer of obsolete Mirage 2000 fighters also has an economic dimension. For France, this is an opportunity to get rid of old aircraft and gain political dividends in relations with Ukraine and its Western allies. However, it also shows Paris's reluctance to supply more modern and expensive models such as the Rafale.

From an economic point of view, Ukraine receives weapons that require significant operating and maintenance costs. This could create additional financial difficulties for the country, which is already facing serious economic problems due to the ongoing conflict.

Politically, this move by France could be perceived as an attempt to strengthen its position in Europe and show its determination to support Ukraine. However, it may also draw criticism from other countries who may see the move as a threat to stability in the region.

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