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Malaysian Boeing: an open question
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Malaysian Boeing: an open question

Malaysian Boeing: an open question


Exactly one year has passed since the collapse of the airliner Boeing 777 in Ukraine, however, despite the fact that there are dozens of different documents about this terrible tragedy, it was not possible to establish exactly how the plane was destroyed which was carrying 298 people. This question remains open, and highly relevant, especially since the results of investigations contradict each other, which prevents an objective assessment of what happened.



To date, it is absolutely certain that the cause of the crash of the MH17 passenger flight was not at all a terrorist act, and not a technical malfunction - initially these versions were considered as possible. Nevertheless, this circumstance does not give an answer to the question of how exactly the passenger plane, which was at an altitude of more than 10 thousand meters, was destroyed. Originally, a version appeared that the aircraft was hit by a ground-to-air missile, but just weeks after that sensational statement, versions appeared about the shooting of a civil aircraft from an air cannon and the destruction of its air-to-air missiles , And if the version about the use of an air cannon was subsequently refuted, at the moment experts can not with 100% state that it was the cause of the crash of a plane shot down over Ukraine.



It would seem that when hundreds of people are working on a disaster investigation, who are first-class specialists, why it is impossible to determine which rocket the passenger airliner of Malaysia Airlines was destroyed by. In turn, the information portal notes that the difference between the dimensions of air-to-air and ground-to-air missiles is enormous - the length of the missile from the Buk antiaircraft system is 5.5 meters, while the missiles used by the fighters do not exceed In its length of 3 meters, and, consequently, the number of striking parts of the air-to-air missile, taking into account the smaller caliber, should be 2-4 less. In addition, according to officially established data, the missile struck the passenger aircraft on the side, while the technical characteristics of the Buk air defense system included the execution of the "slide" maneuver, which also does not agree with the results of the official investigation.



Nevertheless, it is not necessary to go into the technical issues of the event, since this work is for specialists and experts in these fields. It is worth paying attention to the fact that just a few weeks ago, the government of Malaysia initiated the creation of a tribunal for the destruction of a passenger liner. In turn, the fault of the tragedy in no less degree lies on the air carrier, who realizing that military operations are being conducted on the territory of Ukraine, refused to change the flight route of his planes, which ultimately led to a catastrophe. The position of Malaysia was also supported by Ukraine, which for sure during the tribunal, if any, will also have to explain why the authorities did not provide reliable security to the aircraft flying through the country, although it was thoroughly known that The militias have air defense assets that pose a threat to any aircraft.

Finally, the question of why the EU countries and the US are trying to blame Russia for everything is still open. Even if we admit the fact that the passenger airliner was destroyed from the air defense missile system "BUK", then there is no evidence of Russia's guilt, especially since the very fact that previously Ukraine recognized that the SAM could belong to the air defense of Ukraine . If we take into account that Russian specialists managed the Buk system, then again an important circumstance arises: a professionally trained squad could distinguish a civilian aircraft from a military one, and, consequently, a tragedy would not have occurred in this case.

Whatever it was conducted the investigation still remains a lot of unresolved technical issues that cast doubt on the report into the collapse of the Malaysian Boeing 777 in Ukraine.


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