MAN TGL 8.150 4x2 Euro3 Mobile France
MAN TGL 8.150 4x2 Euro3 Mobile France

MAN TGL 8.150 4x2 Euro3 Mobile France


Company «TITAN AVIATION» (France). The plant is located in the town of Aix-en-Provence and Lyon. Petrol from hydrants (3400 l / min) for refueling aircraft fuel from the fuel system of underground stations. Benefits Concept Smart Frame (elements mounted on an open frame)

- Modular concept

- Frame protected by sandblasting, metallization and painting

Performance - 3400 l / min.

The machine complies with modern requirements and ICAO certificates.

A dispensing hose with an adjustable connection to the hydrant, there is a mechanical system for lifting and winding the hose for refueling the aircraft. The filtration system is represented by a filter-separator at 3700 l / min, fully complies with API / IP standards. The sampling system is located at the outlet and inlet of the filter. The measuring system is represented by a measuring instrument with illumination for refueling the aircraft at night. The drum for winding the filling sleeves was developed by the company "Titan" and is equipped with a hydraulic drive with a gearless transmission. Lifting platform Vertical movement of "scissors" type with hydraulic drive, lifting height from ground level 4.20 m (operating height 6.00 m).


MAN TGL 8.150


Adjusting Primary: pressure control valve at the end of the dispensing hose (HEPCV) Yu secondary: built-in pressure control valve in the hydrant connection. Control is via controller software logic, all circuits are numbered on both sides, with a weatherproof insulation. Anti-corrosion body treatment is done by sandblasting, metallization and painting. Security: «DEADMAN» system with a timer, snooze and light warning

- Locking system (warning light + buzzer in the cab)

- The emergency stop system

- Disaster reduction platform

- Speed ​​limit 25 km / h

- Powder extinguisher 


Refueling the aircraft. Airport refueling equipment.

Refill the hub units of the system and their types

CZ 1 M 

TSZT 4 (4M / 4M2)

Petrol Renault

MAZ 4370 mobile unit 

Military refueling unit Peugeot

FOR TSZSVS system Mercedes


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