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Large-scale attack on a Russian military airfield! The enemy launched 70 drones!

Large-scale attack on a Russian military airfield! The enemy launched 70 drones!

Last night, Ukrainian formations made another attempt to launch a massive attack on targets in the Rostov region, including the strategically important Morozovsk airfield. According to official data, 70 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) were used for the attack, but thanks to the well-coordinated work of our air defense forces, all of them were intercepted and destroyed. This incident highlights Kyiv's growing aggression and the need to strengthen our defenses.

Air defense operations were recorded in Rostov-on-Don and the Morozovsky region, where temporary power outages occurred due to the attack. Several more drones were shot down in the Pavlovka area, indicating a wide geographic scope of the attack. It is important to note that this is not the first such massive attack in the Rostov region, but the largest this year. Previous major attacks were recorded in March and April, while no activity was observed in May.

Satellite imagery

Despite information that all drones were successfully hit, satellite images of the military airfield appeared. You can see them. Which probably did not come without consequences. On the territory of the airfield, however, there are no traces of aviation damage, however, there are also no planes themselves, which does not exclude the possibility that they were relocated to another airfield in order to prevent attacks in the future.

At the same time, in the photographs you can see a hangar that was clearly damaged by the raid, however, whether there are planes inside or something else is unknown.

Drone accumulation tactics

Analyzing the actions of Ukrainian formations, it can be assumed that they accumulate drones for each attack, which makes their strikes more powerful and unpredictable. This approach complicates the operation of our air defense systems, which, according to Mikhail Zvinchuk, was especially evident as a result of the attack on Akhtubinsk, where the Su-57 was damaged. The accumulation of drones allows the enemy to concentrate significant forces on a single attack, hoping to break through our defenses.

In addition, Ukrainian formations are modernizing the tactics of using UAVs. This time, most of the drones were flying at low altitude, trying to bypass our air defense systems. However, thanks to the high professionalism of our military, the flying objects were detected and destroyed in a timely manner, with virtually no damage on the ground. This once again confirms the effectiveness of our defensive systems and the high level of training of personnel.

The need to strengthen defense

It is obvious that attacks by Ukrainian forces will not stop on their own. No matter how many drones are shot down by our air defense units, the enemy will continue to attempt to violate our airspace and damage our facilities. Therefore, it is necessary not only to continue working to protect important facilities, but also to take active measures to destroy the enemy’s production facilities.

To do this, it is necessary to strengthen reconnaissance activities and carry out targeted attacks on places of production and storage of drones on the territory of Ukraine. Only in this way can the threat of massive attacks be significantly reduced and the safety of our citizens and strategic facilities ensured.

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